8 Transcription Tools That Every Professional Transcribers Need [2023]

Want to make money online from transcribing audio files? Transcription is one of the easy ways to earn money online. Here you must transcribe several audio files in the text following some essential guidelines. This is one of the most exciting jobs because you transcribe criminal cases to motivational speakers and all sorts of things that exist in audio format. 

Transcribing can be easier, but every professional transcriber uses several essential tools to generate more revenue and increase productivity. So, if you want to know these top 8 transcription tools, stay tuned with this post, as I have put together all the information for you. 

Top 8 Transcription Tools

8 Transcription Tools That Every Professional Transcribers Need [2023]

1. Headphones: Helps in Listening to Audio

The headphone is one of the standards and essential tools you will use in transcribing. While buying a headphone, you must look for the best professional headphones for transcribing. Because you will have to face many complexes to listen to audio files. In that case, good-quality headphones can help you better deal with such audio and transcribe.

2. Express Scribe: Audio Control or Player

If you are willing to be a transcriber, then you may already be aware of Express Scribe. It is one of the best audio player tools designed for transcribers. This tool easily connects to your computer's keyboard, and you can control audio using hotkeys.

For example, if you have an express scribe and are willing to stop the audio, you can press F4, F8 for fast forward, and F7 for rewind. This tool can be beneficial if you have to transcribe the files in limited hours. It works on a foot pedal, but it will work with only the AltoEdge foot pedal if you use the accessible version of it.

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3. Audacity: Audio Editing Software

Audacity is free software that you can use to edit and record audio files. You can use it to do live recordings, convert audio into digital format, and clean audio to improve its quality. Because of these reasons, you can consider it the best free transcription software online. When you get unclear audios to transcribe, you can improve the audio quality. Therefore you should also use this free transcription tool.

4. Ergonomic Chair: Stay Relaxed and Productive

Now you can think about why having a chair can be essential equipment to have in a transcription business. You should know that you may now enjoy freelancing, especially the transcribing career. If you do not have the essential equipment, having an ergonomic chair is one of those. I said that because you can often feel back pain, your sitting posture can cause imbalance or reate another issue. But if you possess an ergonomic chair, you can prevent muscle fatigue and keep providing essential blood flow in your body. With comfortable seating, you can work more efficiently and earn more money.

5. DFX Audio: Enhance Audio Quality

DFX Audio is also one of the best transcription tools to use. It is an audio enhancer software that improves the quality of the audio. As a transcriber, you will have to cope with background noise, but using it; you can reduce it. Along with this, you can also increase the volume for clarity and make the audio crisper.

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6. WinZip: Compress Audio Files

Winzip is another software you will be used to compress multiple audio files. It is a small tool but still crucial because you can compress 5 audio MP3 files and keep them together in another file. You can also unzip files you receive from the clients to transcribe multiple audio files. However, this is a paid tool, but you can use it for free as they offer 30 day free trial. And if you like this tool, you can also go for its premium plan.

7. Foot Pedal: Must Have Tool

These days foot pedals are becoming one of the must-have transcription tools. Especially if you want to grow your transcription business. With the help of this essential tool, you can control the audio (i.e., stop, rewind, etc.). There are a lot of professional transcribers who use this tool. However, it is not Free transcription software, but still worth improving your workflow. 

8. Grammarly: Remove Grammar Errors

Last but not least, you must also use Grammarly, as it will help you resolve grammatical errors. It is one of the best and leading grammar check tools that you can use to remove grammar errors you make during transcribing. Once you install it, you will get auto-suggestions which they will help you a lot in verbatim transcription jobs. It offers a free and paid version; you can start with a free version. That can help you make your text 85% accurate, and the rest you can do by yourself. But if you use the premium version of it, you can resolve each type of grammar error. 


I hope you have understood the best transcription tools you can use for your transcription job. However, we discussed paid as well as free software and essential equipment. If you use these, you will indeed have good results. Moreover, please comment below and check my blog on the 6 best transcription sites to make money online if you like this essential information. 

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