What Is Assistant Buyer? Qualification & Salary For Assistant Buyer [2023]

Assistant buyer is responsible for providing operational, clerical, and analytical support to the buyers in the store. As an assistant buyer, you support the buyers or the managers with all the operational tasks, like choosing the correct product mix and dealing and managing purchase orders. Also, keeping track of investors, making a budget, and supporting the administration with your work.

Becoming an assistant buyer can be an ideal career opportunity for the candidates as this profession can offer a lucrative salary package and ideal lifestyle. So, if you want to know what the assistant buyer is, how you can be an assistant buyer, and other related queries, then stay with this post.  

What Is An Assistant Buyer? 

The assistant buyer is the company's key professional, especially their purchasing department, who helps in all the buying activities. It is also responsible for helping concerned or potential buyers source and buys all the necessary raw materials. That is needed for the production of their ideal product within the given quality standards by them.

Here they also need to deal with getting paid for the generated invoices. The assistant buyer also conducts deep research about the market to find out the newer and improved quality materials for the business and recommend them to the ideal buyer. Along with this, the concerned. 

What Does The Assistant Buyer Do? 

You would be willing to know the functions and accountabilities of the assistant buyer. After digging for this information, I have found the below-mentioned duties and the roles of the assistant buyer. 

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1. Keep Track Of Inventory In The Store.

If you get appointed as an assistant buyer in the company. Then you will have to monitor the inventory or the stock of the organizations. And you will also be ensuring to keep the essential stock filled with meeting the customers' daily requirements.  

2. Negotiate With The Vendors Or Suppliers

It is also responsible for negotiating with the various vendors about the pricing of the material. So that company can buy high-quality material at a decent cost. Along with this, an assistant buyer is also required to build long-term relationships with these suppliers. 

3. Ensure To Buy The Materials On Time

It is also an essential task assigned to the assistant buyer because it supplies the essential materials on time. Therefore, this professional needs to purchase all the materials before the shelves of the stocks or materials get empty.  

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4. Conduct Various Research To Find Potential Vendors

If you are the assistant buyer, then you need to search for the various level vendors. They can provide the same product or material at reasonable costs.  

5. Maintain The Purchase Orders

You also need to write and get purchase orders from the various vendors to maintain the essential stocks in the company. Here this professional needs to maintain the paperwork and complete the process related to purchasing orders.  

6. Making Budgets And Forecasting The Purchase Trends

It is also the essential duty of an assistant buyer. This professional requires preparing the budget for the required materials to buy and keep the stocks filled. Along with this, they also need to forecast the materials that can be demanding in the future. And by selling those, the company can generate a good amount of profit. 


In short, the assistant buyer needs to maintain purchase orders, improve vendor relationships and improve customer services. They also need some hard skills to meet the responsibility of this job efficiently.  

How To Become An Assistant Buyer? 

If you want to be an assistant buyer to get a good placement in the company. You all need to have a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, economics, and any related field. You can complete a three years or four-year degree program in the given specialization. You should also carry some hard and multi-tasking skills and can deal with pressure or challenging business scenarios.

It also needed to have effective communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills to meet the job requirements. The concerned professionals also need to have a sound understanding of Microsoft Office and merchandising software to understand and perform the work responsibility efficiently.  

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How To Create a Resume For The Assistant Buyer? 

As per the survey, around 13.2% of professionals mentioned that they work with purchase orders. And around 8.5% and 6.6% of professionals mentioned that they deal with vendor relationships and customer service, respectively. So, these three skills are some of the common skills you should mention in your resume for the assistant buyer post.

You can create your resume yourself or hire a resume writing expert to get highlighted in the selection process. You should mention your education, experience, and soft and hard skills that perfectly fit the assistant buyer job position requirement. If it requires the knowledge of specific software or tool and you understand the same, then you should mention that as well in your resume.  

Salary Perspective Of The Assistant Buyer In Different Countries 

You all might be wondering how much an assistant buyer earns on a monthly or yearly basis. Here I will be discussing the same, and you will learn how much assistant buyers make in the US, UK, and India.  

What Is The Salary For An Assistant Buyer In The Us? 

According to, assistant buyer professionals in the US earn $41,222 to $51,945 per annum. Whereas the average package for the same is $46,203 per annum or $17.66 for the hourly wages. 

What Is The Salary For The Assistant Buyer In The Uk?

In Uk, most companies offer £27,800 as the average salary package for the assistant buyer post. And the minimum salary package for such a professional can be £21,513, and the maximum salary can be around £32,592. 

What Is The Salary For The Assistant Buyer In India?  

In India, the average salary package for the assistant buyer is Rs4,84,500 per annum, which can be more or less per the candidate's experience and the scale of the organization.  


So, the assistant buyer career can be lucrative for many professionals as it can offer a good salary package. If you also want to become an assistant buyer or willing to choose it as a full-time career. You need to graduate first and start digging for career opportunities for the same on sites like LinkedIn. So, I suppose you have liked this article. Now you have a clear idea of what an assistant buyer is and how you can be the same with several other information. 

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