How To Become An Accountant? Career Options & Salary [2023]

Are you interested in knowing how to become an accountant with, without, or with different degrees?


If you assume so, you are at the right post because I will tell you how you can become an accountant in today's article. And what an accountant is, and most importantly, becomes an accountant without a degree or with the other degrees so that it will be fascinating. 


Don't worry if you don't have any idea about this field, but if you are interested in working as an accountant. Then you can understand the whole thing by this article only. Because here we will provide all the basics of this career. 

how to become an accountant

What Is An Accountant? 

Let's discuss an accountant because many people don't know what the accountant's work is. The profession is related to accountancy or accounting work. They are responsible for keeping track of the company's financial transactions using accounting or bookkeeping software. There are few works of accountant that you can read to understand the roles and responsibilities of the accountant. 

So, in these responsibilities, you can say that they maintain any business or organization's financial status. Some responsibilities of accountants are given below:


#1. Prepare and issue invoices to a company's customers, such as sales bills or invoices.

#2. They also prepare the tax reports and liabilities of individuals or companies for tax authorities.

#3. Reconcile bank statements of the company's bank account or accounts.

#4. Analyze profits and losses and present reporting on them.

#5. Maintain and process the payroll of the employees in a systematic manner.

#6. Create and review budgets and expenses, and forecast as well.

#7. They perform several other bookkeeping activities and taxation work in the accounting software or other relevant tools.  

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What Are The Types Of An Accountant? 

Around the globe, there are many types of an accountant working in the finance industry; the most common accountants are given below. So you can understand in which field you have to go and where you have to work as an accountant. So let's see the list of types of Accountants. Here these are: 

#1. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

CPAs professionally maintain the finance of the organization. They usually seem like a trusted financial advisor and complete responsibilities such as audits, tax preparations, and Financial reviews. 

#2. Auditors

The auditors gradually maintain the audits and reviews of the organization. Auditors may have some responsibilities such as balancing and evaluating the financial reports, examining the accounts record, verifying financial status, advocating financial development, etc.  

#3. Government Accountant

The accountant is hired and contracted by the government or government organization. You may work for any level (based on qualifications) based on educational qualification and experience. The government accountant helps the government plan the government revenue (especially tax), and they can work for international revenue services. 

#4. Management Accountant

Management accountant works for creating and providing financial management ideas for business owners and managers. They can be responsible for creating the organization's budget, its ability to profit, analyze the risks, and maintain financial reports. 

#5. Cost Accountant

The cost accountant is the accounts professional who advises businesses to make a more profitable decision and optimize their cash flows. They can analyze the cost of labor, production, advertising, shipping, operational, and many more. And with the available information, they make several crucial recommendations to the organization's management.  

#6. Forensic Accountants

Forensic accountants are those experts who make sure the accounts and transactions of the companies are maintained accurately. They use several techniques to find the errors, discrepancies, and fraud activities so the organization does not suffer from any loss. However, this type of accountant works for the litigation and investigation support team or organization.  

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#7. Staff Accountant

Start accountants are one of the widely hired accounts, and they can even be found in small companies and factories. They are the accountants who can work as junior accounts and have expert knowledge in maintaining POS, stock, banking, and many other kinds of accounting activities. If you also want to be an accountant without any degree, you can get hired as a staff accountant.

How To Become An Accountant? 

You can become an accountant with or without a degree or with other degrees. Here we will discuss all the methods with you. So you can choose the best one for becoming an accountant with valuable skills. It doesn't mean that you don't have to do anything if I tell you everything here. I will tell you the path, and you have to follow that properly. I will tell you how you can become an accountant. This information is only for your knowledge of your career. You don't think that it is straightforward to do. You have to do hard work and keep patience if you want to be an accountant. 

How To Become An Accountant With a Degree?

Let's first understand how you can become an accountant with a degree in commerce or finance. 

#1. Go For A Bachelor's Degree. 

If you want to be a successful and well-versed accountant, you should look for a bachelor's degree. However, it is not essential to take an entry-level job. However, if you complete your bachelor's, you are more likely to get hired in the organization. Moreover, you can also get a high-paying accountant job in a reputed company with several advantages. Thus, I recommend you to go for a bachelor's degree to become a highly demanding accountant.  

#2. Pick Ideal Specialization, i.e., Finance And Accounting

Once you decide you need to enroll in the bachelor's degree, make sure to pick your specialization. You can enroll in BCom, BCom (Hons.), BCom (Finance), or any other bachelor's degree that helps you to become an accountant.  

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#3. Find A Trainee, Intern, Or Starting-Level Job Position.

During your study, you can find several accounting internships and entry-level jobs. There you can work to gain experience and also can get paid for the work you do. This work you can also do in your college days or just after you finish your certificate course of higher-level education. While taking an internship, you can also catch an entry-level job working as an independent professional or junior accountant. It will give a massive push to your accountant journey. And if you still think about how to become an accountant. Then finding either an internship or an entry-level accountant job is a great way to become an accountant quickly.  

#4. Determine Whether You Want To Be Just An Accountant Or CA

If you become an accountant, it will take less time, and you will easily find the right job. However, you need to give around 5 to 7 years to get a certified chartered accountant and start working as a chartered accountant either in your firm or a big organization. Thus, it is also essential to become a certified accountant or ordinary accountant with less pay. However, if you can not devote years of experience, looking for a regular accountant job is excellent. Because currently, accountants are well-paid professionals, and when you think you have gained some experience. Then you can open your accounting firm where you and your team can manage the accounting and bookkeeping work of the organizations.  

#5. Once You Gain Experience, Then You Can Decide The Sector To Work In.

Choose whether you want to work in a government organization or a private organization. If you need to work in a government organization, you will have to practice for a competitive examination. Once you clear those, then you can be hired as a government employee as an accountant. However, accountants are needed in various medical, manufacturing, finance, banking, and many other industries. If you want to work in a specific industry, you can choose that and keep getting hired as an accountant.  

#6. Keep Learning And Looking Forward To Higher Education.

Stay up to date with the latest amendments in the financial and bookkeeping terminologies. And also prefer to look for a master's degree to understand financial terminology deeper. You also know it is an essential thing that you have to continue. Every year some amendment happens in the accounting and financial terminologies. Thus if you are up to date, you are more likely to work efficiently and become an expert accountant. 


Now you have understood how to become an accountant with a degree. And what if you want to be an accountant without a degree? Read the below-mentioned steps for this to understand correctly.  

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How To Become An Accountant Without a Degree?

You can also become an accountant without a degree. Below is the process that you can follow to become an accountant without obtaining any degree.  

#1. Complete Your Higher Secondary

If you are from a commerce or business background, you might show your interest in being an accountant just after your higher secondary. Thus if you want to be an accountant, you should complete at least your high secondary schooling to have foundational knowledge about the financial terms and accounting systems.  

#2. Look For The Certificate Or Diploma Course.

There are many affordable and short-term certificate and diploma courses available. You can take those and learn about accounting and bookkeeping software. You can learn about SAP, Tally, QuickBooks, and Busy for the accounting and bookkeeping work. Generally, the short-term certification takes around three months to 6 months. During this time, you can understand how to maintain the company's accountant books using accountant software. During the course, you can learn about company creation, ledger creation, bookkeeping, taxation, banking, and more.  

#3. Go To Chartered Accountant's Firm To Work As a Trainee.

You can learn about taxation and GST better if you go to a chartered accountants officer. There you can work as an accounts trainee and also get paid a stipend. It is a great way to keep earning and learning together and exploring high-level concepts. If you complete your certification, it can help you because learning about taxation will help you. Because your company will stay satisfied with your knowledge and performance. However, it is always better not to spend more time with chartered accountant firms if you stay there; you can miss out on several things. Hence spending six months to 1 year with an ideal CA firm is a great way to master taxation, audit, bookkeeping, and banking.  

#4. Look For Internship Opportunities In Pvt Limited Company.

Many companies also hire entry-level accountants in their organizations to work with them. You can also find those companies and ask them to hire you as an intern. If you work there, then you can learn how the accountant works in reality. There you can get higher pay than the chartered accountant's firms but less than their regular employee. It is the best way to become an accountant if you want to be an accountant without a degree. Although, after you complete your training in a CA firm, you can get hired in a higher-level position in the organization. They think you have gained experience and know-how to manage their accounts efficiently.  

#5. Keep Applying For The Accountant Job Postings.

Keep applying to good companies to get high-level positions and show your talent as an independent accountant. It is good to do until you find a great company or work culture to spend some good and productive years. Because you won't have to face unnecessary problems with the work. Hence to get a better job opportunity as an accountant, you can keep applying for excellent and ideal job positions.  

#6. Get Hired After Clearing The Interview. 

Keep exploring and learning about accounting, GST, taxation, TDS, and many other ways of accounting. Because during the interview, the interviewer will ask the same questions belonging to the mentioned terms. If you have learned about all these things practically and worked with this, you can easily crack your interview.  

How Much Does An Accountant Earn? 

Once you get hired as an accountant, you can earn good pay depending upon the company status and your experience.  

Below are some stats that will help you to understand the salary of an accountant. 

#1. Salary Of Accountant In India

The junior accountant salary in India is about Rs15,000 to Rs18,000 per month. In contrast, the average salary of an accountant in India varies from Rs25,000 to Rs50,000 depending upon the company and experience of the professional.  

#2. Salary Of Accountant In The USA

The average salary of an accountant in the USA is $55,891 per annum, which is about $4657 per month.  

#3. Salary Of Accountant In Australia

The average salary of an accountant in Australia is $73,775 per year that means the accountant can earn $6144 per month in Australia.  

#4. Salary Of Accountant In The UK

The average salary of an accountant in the UK is £34,964 per year, whereas some accountants also earn £47,892 per year.  

#5. Salary Of Accountant In Russia

The salary of an accountant in Russia is about $41,662 per year, where the top accountant also earns nearly $50,000 per year. 


#1. How To Become An Accountant With a Different Degree? 

If you are a student of commerce or do not have a background in finance or accounting. And if you possess a different degree, then you can also become an accountant. Below are a few short levels or steps you can take to become an accountant with a different degree?

a) Make Sure You Need To Be An Accountant. 

Many students think of being an accountant after completing a different degree. As there are many opportunities available in this field, they can also get hired. 

Thus, if you have completed BA, BSc, MA, MSc, or any other degree other than Bcom or similar degrees. Then you should decide if you want to be an accountant. It will completely change your path, and it will be ten times harder to come back again in the previous field you are willing to leave. Hence, once you make your willpower strong and show interest in being an accountant, you can look at the mentioned steps. 

b) Complete a Short Term Certificate Course In Accounting

Once you decide to be an accountant, then look for a short-term accounting course. This can be a certificate or diploma course where you learn primarily about bookkeeping. Once you finish the course, you will have conceptual knowledge about accounting and how to manage a company's accountant. Thus now you are required to gain practical knowledge that you can get by working in an organization. 

c). Start Working As An Account Intern Or Trainee.

So, apply for the internship or job position and get hired there as a staff accountant. When you start then your salary can be low, but every professional goes through this stage. Thus, do not worry; look forward to your first job position as an accountant. There you will work with real-life problems and accounting terminologies. That will give you exposure and a lot of quality experience. So later you can become a highly valuable accountant with good pay. 

c). Apply In Other Or Same Company For Higher Post

After working for some months in a company, your boss can give you a promotion as the staff accountant or junior accountant or apply in the other company. During your internship, you learn many things. However, still, it can give you more learning and earning opportunities if you get promoted or hired for a higher post. Thus, when you think now you can handle the company's account independently, you can also look for higher positions. 

d). Never Skip Learning About New Terms.

As you do not have a background in commerce or finance, you can struggle with some conceptual knowledge. Thus, keep exploring essential information from YouTube and other online or offline resources because these terms will help you a lot. 

#2). How To Become An Accountant In Florida 

You need to get certified as an accountant; hence, you can look for a certificate, diploma, or any high-level course. Once you finish, then you need to gain some experience by joining a company. For more information, you can scroll above and have one more time look at the mentioned steps to become an accountant. 


Here we discussed how to become an accountant in various situations. Also, now you have understood how you can become an accountant even if you do not have any degree. I hope now you have read this complete guide and will not require to ask how to become an accountant again. So are you ready to become a versatile accountant in a reputed company? Are you ready to work independently as an accountant? Comment down below about your motivation and how you are going to use this information. 

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