Clickworker Review: Is Clickworker Legit? (2024)

Hey, do you wish to read an honest Clickworker review? If you want to know about, reading this article will be a great experience. 


Todays’ article will give you a glimpse on “what is Clickworker,” “is Clickworker legit,” “how much money can you make on Clickworker,” and also “Clickworker review.” 


After these discussions, we will conclude whether Clickworker is legit or a fake website. 


What Is Clickworker? is a Site based on data processing and pays you for completing some digital tasks. These tasks can be participating in paid surveys or doing other microtasks. It provides paid tasks to people and lets them work basically as freelancers. 


And here freelancers called Clickworker work on this site. Here you work according to your schedule and independently. You can start working on Clickworker to make money online via your mobile or computer with an internet connection.  

What Is The Clickworker App? 

Clickworker app is the official application available on the google play store, or the Apple app store can be used on your mobile. It shows you many job profiles available on You do the same as what you do on a website to earn extra cash.


However, once you sign up in the mobile app of Clickworker, you will not have to repeat the process. It will keep you logged in to the app and save your precious minutes. So, you can just go with the task without wasting even a minute and earn money online from your home. 

Clickworker Signup Process: How To Join Clickworker? 

Let’s understand how you can join a click worker to create your account here.

#1. Use the Clickworker app from the playlist or visit

#2. Here you will need to register yourself using your email id or mobile number. 

#3. You would also be required to fill in basic information in your profile.

#4. Now you are a Clickworker and allowed to get a job or task. Just pick your first paid task to get information about different job descriptions.

#5. You need to take some tasks and become qualified to work on additional jobs.

#6. Every week, you get paid online through PayPal to reach the minimum withdrawal limit. 

How Do You Get Paid On Clickworker? 

#1. First, you get started on the Clickworker platform, either on the Clickworker app or

#2. gets complicated tasks from companies and divides them into many parts. These are the micro-tasks for what you get paid on it.

#3. Then they provide you with a job description similar to freelance work. You process these micro-tasks on the platform with small cash payments. You can work offline too, and after getting an internet connection, you can submit it.

#4. You Complete your tasks and submit them on the platform. After collecting all the completed tasks from users, a team of the Clickworker app merges it again.

#5. Once a team evaluates the accuracy and quality, they send it to companies.

#6. As discussed above, you work the team’s name with every project and get paid on your PayPal account every week/month. 


What Are Clickworker Careers?

At Clickworker, you can work on projects like proofreading, app testing, audio recording, video recording, surveys, and many other microtasks. Also, these minor tasks do not require much effort to put and earn money online. 

You just need to follow the basic instructions given in the job description. And submit the paid microtask after you complete it in a given manner.   

Is Clickworker Legit Or A Scam? 

Clickworker is a legit site where companies get projects and break them down into microtasks. When you and all click workers finish all tasks, the team of Clickworker combines them again in the order they got from clients. 


After evaluating and adding projects, they sent them to clients and got money. So, it is a legit microtask website and is only suitable to make some extra cash online.  

How Much Does Clickworker Pay? 

The amount is varied for getting paid based on your job description and project. It also depends on the time you take to complete tasks, so that more minor time-consuming tasks will give you less payment. 


Also, if the task is challenging and takes time, the project price would be a bit more. Moreover, many other factors like the evaluation process, quality of work, and knowledge required to complete the task.  

Clickworker Review: Let’s See Some Clickworker Reviews On Indeed And Glassdoor 

Clickworker Review On Indeed

Many responses in Indeed are about Clickworker where you could feel the absence of personal motivation, and Clickworker needs to provide a supportive environment to the users. Indeed gives a 3.1 rating out of 5 to, and it’s okay than other similar websites.


Clickworker Review On Glassdoor

They say that your job can be rejected lots of time and you just make enough money. You can’t make good money because they pay less for the tasks.  But you get remote jobs here, and it would be flexible, and here this site has got 3.4-star ratings out of 5. Hence, it is also a good review if you wish to make money online to meet small expenses.  


Clickworker Review: Pros & Cons Of Working Here


Everything in work has some pros and cons, the same with Here I am explaining the pros and cons of the Clickworker app: 

Pros Of Clickworker App: 

#1. Its Stable, Credible, And Legit Microtask Freelance Website

Clickworker review by us has proved that it is legit, Credible, and stable where you can make money online. 

#2. Potential Support For Click Workers

They provide you with Potential support in any query and make you understand everything clearly. 

#3. Easy Tasks:

They just take a big task from companies and divide them as microtasks. So, the tasks you get on Clickworker are pretty easy to perform and make money online.  

#4. Make Decent Income:

You can’t make an excellent living by working here, but you can get some extra money to spend on your studies.  

Cons Of Clickworker App: 

#1. Boring Work Sometimes:

You can get bored with her by working on the same task repeatedly. So, you can attend tests provided there on the platform and get certified. After that, you would be able to do additional tasks. 

#2. Limited Earning:

You can’t make lots of money even if you struggle to make a hundred dollars a month. If you want some extra money, it is okay to work here. But you can’t work here as regularly as you work as an employee anywhere. 

#3. Acatalepsy Of Ongoing Work:

You may not get paid if you have not done your work correctly.  


Here, we discussed Clickworker and provided a review on it. Overall, you can’t work on it if you want to work professionally. But it is a great platform and provides dollars if you have excellent ways to make extra money online. We discussed ratings given by indeed and glassdoor, and we found they both are providing more than three stars rating out of 5 stars.


I hope you liked this Clickworker review and understood Clickworker is a legit microtask website. However, if you want to make passive money, you should learn in-demand freelance skills, start working on YouTube or blogging.  


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