Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing Agency Program Review

Tai Lopez’s social media marketing agency 3.0 is the latest course to date for SMMA. And it promises that you will learn the correct way to set up your marketing business. And let the businesses hire you through social media. 

Also, as per its landing page, over 50,000 people have already enrolled for the course. This program encompasses detailed information about setting business and understanding SMM. Here you can also learn how to acquire clients and automate the marketing services.

Its course also claims there are tons of benefits and bonus lessons. Also, there is a Facebook group and live call support for the enrolled candidates. 

But is Tai Lopez’s SMMA 3.0 course worth it? Should you enroll in its social media marketing agency course? If you want to know about the same, stay with this great post till the end. 

Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing Agency Program Review: Read this article to get honest review of thsi marketing course.

What Is Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 Course?

It is the social media marketing agency course available online and created by Tai Lopez. He promises that you will have a clear idea about setting up a business if you take the course. And you will be able to learn about tips and recommendations to earn much profit. However, there is no guarantee you will succeed, but the success rate may vary according to your efforts. Tai Lopez’s course page claims that over 50,000 people have taken the course. So, they can establish their lead generation business to make a profit. 

What Are The Advantages Of Tai Lopez’s SMMA Course?

#1. In-Depth Modules

The most significant advantage of taking Tai Lopez’s SMMA course is it's over 64 hours of video content. And it is enormous to understand SMMA by watching over 130 lessons. During the course, you will cover most of the content to build your agency. 

Because it encompasses selecting the name of the business to build a website, creating a social profile, and understanding another form of marketing. Even this course helps you understand lead generation, funnels, copywriting, and much more.

Now only this, there are several case studies to help you understand concepts comprehensively. However, it will feel easy to digest the video content because of the easy language. 

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#2. Valuable Tips From Many Experts

You will find many experts having excellent knowledge of SMMA. Every time you will get different vibes about establishing a successful agency. Even you have the option to take a live call to interact with trainers. 

Therefore, if you wish to get views and insights from many experts within a course. You can find this social media marketing agency program helpful. Because many business owners and experts have shared their opinion. And all these points and tips will help you a lot in running your business. 

#3. Have Social Media Group

You can also join Tail Lopez’s Social media marketing agency 3.0 Facebook page. There are over 23,000 active followers, and dozens of posts happen every day. During the course, you can use this group to build your connections and get motivation. 

You will also feel supported when you might have to ask any doubt. The best thing about this Facebook group is that it is not so moderated and runs as a primary Facebook group. 

#4. Content Justifies Course Price.

You may see that the course price looks costly to enroll in SMMA 3.0. And the yearly fee costs $97, whereas the monthly charges cost $49. However, you can get lifetime access to the course if you pay $997 (consider checking the latest price).

But many courses are cheaper than Tai Lopez’s SMMA 3.0. Although, when you compare the course module then you will find it very accessible. Because many experts share valuable knowledge, provide premium templates and also give another benefit. 

In short, if you get access to this course for less than $200, you can consider it. When you see the charges are high, then you can subscribe to the newsletter of Tai’s. So, you can get an update on a new sale to get the course for many accessible rates. 

#5. The Course Has Witnessed Success Stories.

To ensure the quality, of course, you can also monitor the success stories. Many people have used the knowledge gained from this course to build a successful business. For this, I check the Facebook group and Quora as well for an accurate report. And I found that many people have seen significant results.

Most of them implemented some of the crucial strategies learned in the program. And they captured the highly qualified leads from various social channels. Hence, if you have established your social media marketing agency and do not have many leads. You can consider utilizing the SMMA course content. 


What Are The Disadvantages Of Tail Lopez’s SMMA Course?

#1. It May Look Unorganized.

Most of the marketing courses have some cons for the users; it also has a few. When the course was launched, it used to look very organized. But after updates, you may see some mixed modules and contents. 

You might see multiple introduction videos; however, it would be fixed now. There is a module to acquire clients, but the same topic is covered in many videos. You can also feel many trainers are covering the same topic.

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Therefore, sometimes you may feel irritated with the repeated content. However, these might be fixed in Tai Lopez’s social media marketing agency program 3.0. 

#2. Less Text And More Video-Based Content

In this course, you will mostly learn from video-based content. However, it would be nice to add text-based content too. Because you will feel handier during the course to learn the modules. Some bullet points and summarised phrases can help in understanding concepts. 

 #3. Some Trainers Are Too Good.

You will notice that there are over 30 trainers and course creators. Hence there is not any doubt that there will be lots of valuable knowledge. But you will also have to feel several challenges. The quality sometimes may look excellent but sometimes poor. Some trainers may share tips as well as recommendations, whereas some do not. Most of the trainers are male, and only a few trainers are female teaching in the entire course. 

However, when you start learning and stay engaged with the content. There will not be many issues in digesting all this stuff. Because your primary goal is to understand the way to build and run an SMM agency. 

#4. Some Modules Are Not Fresh.

It was also a drawback of taking this course, and many users pointed to the same. Because in the course, many times Tai discusses the iPhone 7 by highlighting the new model. But now we have many new models from the iPhone as well.

However, this time you can hope that the new course content has fixed this issue. And you will find fresh content to master SMMA with lots of case studies. 

Is Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 Course Free?

Tai Lopez’s social media marketing agency program is not free to enroll. You need to pay either $49 per month or $97 yearly to access its course content. Hence, if you can afford the fee and are serious about setting up your lead generation business. Taking this course can be a value for money deal and help you capture many leads. 

Should You Study Social Media Marketing Agency At Tai Lopez?

What Else Must You Know About Tai Lopez’s SMMA 3.0 Course?

#1. If you do not have sufficient funds to get access to complete course content. You can also sign up for the Quickstart version of Tai Lopez’s social media marketing agency course. But it encompasses only 20% of the total SMMA course content. And later, you can easily upgrade the same to get access to complete course content. 

#2. It is about a four-month course which you get by signing up for the full version. And to join the Facebook group, you need to send an email request.

#3. After completion of the course, you get the official certification from Tai Lopez. However, when you start working, then most of the clients will not look for certifications. They will look for the quality work you can offer from your side. 

#4. There is not any refund scheme once you start learning in the course. Hence, also consider reading the terms of the course before you make any decision. 

What’re The Things To Check Before Taking A Social Media Marketing Agency Course?

#1. Certification

First, the thing you need to check is the certification of the course you pursue. Because it is good practice to verify your skill to establish a profile as an expert. However, you will meet very few people who ask you to show the same during a professional career. 

But still, if you learn something, then having certification for the same helps you a lot. So, before you choose any SMMA course, make sure you also get certified.

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#2. Price

You should also check whether you can afford the course fee or not. If you can afford the fee for the complete version of the specific course. You should go for it if you are interested in learning the same thing. However, considering the “Quickstart” option is also an excellent idea for a short fund. By doing this, you can judge whether the SMMA course justifies the price or not. 

#3. Quality Of content

Course content should be excellent and up to date to get new knowledge. It should cover most of the essential topics in a systematic way. Also, the course content should have proper references to get a more precise idea. The trainer should engagingly present the content so you cover most of the course. 


So, in this article, we reviewed if you take Tai Lopez’s SMMA course. We discussed the course content, advantages, disadvantages, and more. Hence, we hope you have a clear idea of whether you should consider Tai Lopez’s SMMA 3.0 program. 

However, if you are already in this lead generation business and willing to grow fast. Taking such courses can be a great idea because it helps you a lot. You can understand new ways to generate leads and also master negotiation skills. 

Thus, if you take Tai Lopez’s SMMA 3.0 course and also watch all modules. You will indeed have decent knowledge to make your brand more profitable. But remember, the success of your lead generation business depends upon your hard work. None of the courses can automatically build your brand until you do your best. 

So, we hope you liked this information, and feel free to share it with your connections.

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