8 Best Ways To Make Money From Watching Videos [2023]

Do you know making money from watching videos is a far more accessible and entertaining way to make money online? If you love to watch movies, videos, clips, and other videos, you can surely make some good money. It is a great way to use spare time to make some extra and real cash. If you are willing to learn how to earn cash from watching videos, stay tuned to this post. Here, I will list legit sites where you can sign up and make money by seeing entertaining and exciting video content.  

How To Earn Money By Watching Videos

How To Earn Money By Watching Videos 

So, let’s start discussing some of the top websites where you can really generate some side money just by giving a few hours a day. You can join all these platforms without paying a single penny and can also get a signup bonus, earning opportunities to make money by seeing videos.  

1. Earn Cash By Watching Videos On Inboxpounds 

At InboxPound, you can earn money by watching simple and short videos. Basically, here you can earn money by watching video content and filling out surveys. However, you can not make such good money, but it is still an excellent option to get some real cash in your spare time, whether it is traveling. You can also earn by searching some web pages and doing other simple tasks. So if you are looking to earn money just by watching videos and doing microtasks, you can look at this website.

Earn Cash By Watching Videos On Inboxpounds

2. You Can Become a Film Or Tv Show Reviewer 

Becoming a film or tv show reviewer can be one of the best ways to make money just by watching digital videos. It is one of the most established ways to do so, and also you can make a good living by doing this. However, it is not easy way to reach out to such job postings and write essential points about the video. If you want to start working in this field, you will have to face huge competition, and to eliminate competition, you can start with lower rates for your services. 

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You can start taking internships to meet with a wide range of projects, but most internships are unpaid or pay fewer interns. Therefore if you take internships, you will also have to have some side earning sources to meet your financial needs. Once you build up your portfolio and learn the essentials of movie review, then you can have a very decent charge.  

3. Earn Money By Watching Videos On WeAre8 

If you are looking for apps to earn money by watching videos or marketing ads. You can also consider the WeAre8 Application. Here you can make money as well as can use it for charity purposes and book bank balances. Whenever you watch videos, you get asked a few questions. By answering those short questions, you can earn 10p to 20p on every video you watch. Companies post their advertising videos to make people aware of their brand. Using this platform, you can generate a natural source of side income. Once you earn £1, you can withdraw this amount from your PayPal Account or can spend it for the charity of your choice.  

4. Watch Videos And Make Money On Prizerebel

It is also one of the legit sites that work on paid-to-click models, and you can earn it here by clicking and watching videos. You can watch a random and exciting video that is posted here for marketing purposes. When you reach their minimum withdrawal limit, i.e., £2, you can withdraw your earned money. It has a gift card option, so when you make the payment request, you receive your money within 24 hours. Along with this, you can also earn money by doing some simple surveys or online survey that pays you to answer some standard information.  

5. Make Money Online By Watching Videos On Adwallet

The AdWallet is a site that is legitimate and pays up to $3 for every interaction you make with the video ads or content. You will quickly get used to this application. Once you sign up, you will start getting notifications for every video that will pay you for watching that. Its minimum payment requirement is $10, and once you reach this limit, you can claim your money directly to the bank or use gift cards. AdWallet also allows you to donate your money to a significant organization for charity purposes. It has around 3.2 ratings on Trustpilot.  

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6. Earnably a Free Site Where You Get Paid To Watch Videos Online 

Earnably is a free site where you can watch high-quality videos and make some relevant cash. You can watch videos of your choice and fill surveys or work on some other available offers on this platform. You get some reward points that can transform quickly into cash. It pays its users via PayPal or gift cards. Its minimum payout income is $1, and the trusted site has around 4.6 ratings on Trustpilot. However, here as well, you will not be able to make a good case, but it is still worth working on this site to make side money.

Get Paid To Watch Videos Online

7. Make Money By Watching Ads On Inboxdollars

If you search for the best alternative site to Swagbucks, you can opt for InboxDollars because it offers similar functionality. You can earn on this platform by working on surveys, gamings, web research results, and more. InboxDollar says its members have earned over 400 million dollars in rewards. It has over 4.1-star ratings on Trustpilot, and you can make money just by watching some of its marketing videos. 

8. MyPoints For Making Money From Watching Videos

MyPoints is also one of the legit and oldest platforms and a market research company that runs Swagbucks. Here you can earn money from watching ads and increase your earning potential by taking part in paid surveys, reading emails, and doing paid searches. Moreover, you can also play games and refer your friend to earn some good money. You should remember that you need to watch it and transfer your money in PayPal, gift card, and travel miles account to get paid for the complete video. It has a minimum payment balance of $5, which is similar to the 700 points you earn at this platform.  


So, you can really make money by watching videos in your spare time. It can be an ideal way to make money online if you are standing in a line and willing to earn by watching some exciting stuff. I hope you liked this post as you learned about the flexible and valuable way to earn money by watching videos online. 

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