Babbletype Review: Is Babbletype Legit? [2024]

Hey! Are you looking for Babbletype reviews? Can you make cash from Babbletype? If you want to know the answers to all these questions, read this Babbletype review because I will discuss everything in detail.

During this Babbletype review article, I will also tell you how much you can earn from Babbletype and suggest whether you should work on this transcription site or not. So, do you want to know what the remarkable thing about this transcription site is? If so, then let's start learning all about Babbletype.  

What Is Babbletype?

Babbletype is a transcription site and the company which works around the market research industry. It is a similar site to Rev, TranscribeMe, GoTranscript, etc. This site offers general transcription services for its clients.

It completes these projects with the help of in-house and freelance professionals. John Feldkamp is CEO of Babbletype, and he spent decades working with several e-content production industries.

They mainly provide transcription and translation services at their site, and you can also apply for the same.  

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Is Babbletype Legit?

Many transcription sites are out there on google, and all of them claim to provide legit transcription work and services to their clients. But most of them are scams, and there are only a few sites that you can find legit and get consistent work with a timely payment facility.

Thankfully, Babbletype is one of those legit transcription websites where you can hope to get constant work with good pay. You can check out the Babbletype reviews from many native transcribers who have rated this site honestly. Most of the reviews say it is a legit transcription site and also makes payments to its workers.

However, some transcribers reported this site offers low pay, does not pay them, or is a scam. These professionals can be those who did not get accepted to work at this site or offered poorly transcribed files. Transcription is an easy task, but you still need around 40 WPM typing speed and basic search skills to offer a clean and highly professional transcription service.

If you have a decent command of English, then it can be an upper edge for your job. You often need to transcribe unclear audios, and you can assume the spoken term correctly if you are a native speaker or have nearly native proficiency in the language you transcribe the files.

However, this site is legit and gives a chance to beginners as well who do not have experience in transcribing legal or medical audios. 

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How Does Babbletype Pay?

Babbletype pay through Paypal every week. So, you can withdraw your earned money from transcription every week in your PayPal account without any hassle.  

How Much Can You Earn On Babbletype?

Babbletype also pays as per transcribed audio file basis, and the pay rate may vary as per the freelancer's skills. For transcription, they offer 45 cents per audio minute. You get 13-18 cents per audio minute if you do proofreading.

For translation, they pay $1.30 to $1.60 per audio minute. So, if you transcribe every day for 1 hour of audio, then you can expect to get $27 (60*0.45). If you do proofreading at Babbletype, you can earn around $7 to $10 per hour (proofread).

And for translation, you can earn $78 to $96 per translated hour. You may think pay rates are low, but you can try this transcription site if you are starting.  

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Benefits Of Working With Babbletype

1. If your profile is accepted at this transcription site, you can surely enjoy some advantages as listed below. 

2. You can work at your desired time with complete flexibility. 

3. You need not worry until you provide the work on time and maintain quality standards. 

4. It treats its transcribers nicely and offers consistent work so they can keep earning. 

Disadvantages of Working with Babbletype

There are some disadvantages as well that one needs to know before starting with this transcription site. 

1. Generally, a transcriber takes 5-6 hours to complete a one-hour transcription audio file, and a new transcriber may take more than this as well. Therefore, the pay they offer needs to be more because earning around $27 would be less for the intermediate level and a highly experienced transcriber. 

2. Some transcribers and other freelancers reported that its customer support team is not friendly.

3. For each type of transcription project, you get a 24 hours deadline, but some transcription projects require research skills. 

Is It Free To Apply At Babbletype?

It is free to get transcription job at Babbletype; whether you want to work as a transcriber, translator, or proofreader, you can apply at their site without paying anything.

Although, you need headphones, a computer, or a laptop with stable internet connectivity.  

Is It Worth Working On Babbletype?

So, should you be working on Babbletype? Probably yes, if you want to try transcription, proofreading, and translation to earn money online. This site is beginner-friendly, and they also give a chance to beginners, so if you do not have prior experience, you can check this transcription site.

However, if you have gained transcription experience, you wouldn't be an ideal candidate to work with Babbletype because their pay is low. So, if you want to get good pay in transcription, you can check out the sites like GoTranscript.

I have written reviews for all these transcription sites, so you can read those reviews to know which site can be an ideal match for your skill sets. 

What's The Takeaway From This Babbletype Review?

Babbletype is a transcription site where you can earn money through transcribing, translating, and proofreading. It is a legit site and also pays its freelancers. However, still, there are some negative comments about Babbletype as like other transcription websites.

If you are starting in the transcription field, you should try it, and it can be a suitable site for the household or students willing to earn money just by working part-time.

Also, if you are experienced transcribers, you can try this transcription site. Because at these platforms, you can earn more than other side hustles.

I hope this will help you to push your transcription journey. If you want to keep reading about money-making, transcribing, and affiliate marketing. Also, many other essential things to know to make money online, then you should stay tuned with our site. 

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