10 Best YouTube Channel For Data Science Learning (2023)

This article is for those learners who want to be data scientists. I will suggest some of the best YouTube channels to learn data science which is an in-demand skill. I will tell you what you will learn on the particular channel and how it will work with your learning strategies. So, without wasting time, let's proceed with our search to find the best YouTube channel for data science

10 Best YouTube Channel For Data Science Learning

Top 10 YouTube Channels To Learn Data Science

#1. Edureka

Edureka is a very famous YouTube channel for many fields with its 3.04M subscribers. The channel has 5194 videos with a total of 262 million views. So you can also get to learn data science here. They have many playlists for different fields and programming languages. The purpose of this channel is to make learning accessible to anyone. It provides you with real-life projects, 24*7 support, and personal learning managers who ensure that you are approaching your learning goals. Hence, it is also the best YouTube channel for data science students to improve their data science skills.   

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#2. Data School

The excellent channel on YouTube is Data School, with 186k subscribers, and it was started in April of 2014. The total number of videos is 138, with 8.1 million views. The channel always focuses on topics needed to master first to become a data scientist and get job-ready. It offers in-depth tutorials that can make you understand without any technical educational background. So it is a very great channel if you want to become a data scientist and get job-ready soon. Hence, you can also watch the tutorials available on this best YouTube channel for data science learning. 

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#3. Data Science Tutorials

The data science tutorials is another excellent Youtube channel for data science students, and it has 34K subscribers. It is also one of the oldest channels, as it was started in November of 2015. The channel contains 778videos with over 2.5 million views. The channel is very famous for its tutorials and if you want to learn data science here. In that case, you have to learn the R programming language and its statistical analysis technique. The R programming language is preferred to programming for those who want to become a statistician and researcher. It is the preferred language because it has easy to implement the syntax of this language and deep analysis packages. 

#4. Data Science Academy

First, we have an excellent YouTube channel, and its name is Data Science Academy. It has 24K subscribers, and here you can watch 99 videos having 0.7 million views. The channel is the official YouTube channel of Data Science Academy Brasil, and it was started in February 2016. I will suggest that you must visit this channel and its official website also. So, you can learn data science and its fundamentals at the right place.  

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#5. IBM Data and AI

IBM data and AI is also one of the best YouTube channels to learn data science. You can engage anyone with data to solve big to big questions of business. The channel has 45k subscribers, and it was started in July of 2011. The channel has 229 videos with 0.6 million views meaning it is a famous channel on YouTube. On this channel, you can get presentations, demos, interview technical tutorials, and many more things regarding your career in the data science field. 

#6. Data Science Dojo

The channel on YouTube to learn data science is a data science dojo with 78k subscribers. This channel was started in August 2014 and has uploaded quality videos. Now it has 270 videos with 3.6 million dreams here; you can get videos for data science with all skill levels. You get that glorious community talks and courses of data science and data engineering. Tutorials on this channel are amazing to watch and learn. 

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#7. 365 Data Science

365 data science is a channel that uploads videos every day for a whole year. That is why this is the most active channel on our list, which has 161k subscribers, and it was started in August 2017. The total number of its videos is 188, with around 5.9 million views. Thus, you should consider this the best YouTube channel for data science learning. Because it can also help you to gain important information about data science.  

#8. Andreas Kretz

Another YouTube channel for data science learning is Chalo Andreas, and his channel has 25K subscribers. This channel is for figuring out how to ingest, process, and store data to enable the data scientist to work smoothly for customers. You can learn to build a big data platform on this channel, which is engineering or the plumbing of data science. This channel will make you a strong data scientist with in-demand skills. It contains 392 videos with over half a million views, and it was started in April 2017. Hence, you can consider this channel as well for learning data science. 

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#9. Great Learning

Great learning is the official channel of great learning Academy on YouTube. It has529k subscribers with a total of 1512 videos. Total views on this channel are 37 million, and it was started in April of 2013. After getting completed with videos, you can earn a certificate of completion as well. On this channel, you can do assignments and projects to practice for data science skills. You can attend live sessions also, and the channel provides you with all things for free. You can even have the opportunity to interact with top faculty and industry experts as well. Therefore, it can also be an ideal YouTube channel to learn data science, especially its fundamentals.  

#10. Art of Visualization

The last but not the most minor channel on our list is the art of civilization, with 61.7k subscribers. The total count of videos on this channel is 253 with 3.5 million views, and it was started in August 2016. Art of visualization provides lots of content based on creating tableau visualization, dashboard, and many tips and tricks to enhance your data visualization skills. If you want to be a data scientist, you can learn how to present data and improve your in-demand skills very smoothly. 


So now you have a total of 10 options to learn data science if you want to become a data scientist or you want to get skills to show on your resume. Some of these provide you with certifications, as you can learn in-demand skills in very little time. Here, you learn how to describe the data for any big business questions, create big data, or even visualize the data with your skills. Today, it is enough for this article as you have the 10 best YouTube channels for data science learning. See you soon in the following article with more information on other important topics. I hope this is an informative and helpful article to guide you on becoming a data scientist.

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