Opinion Outpost Review: How To Make Money Online With Opinion Outpost?

Many people want to work with Opinion Outpost and don't know much about it. So, today we have come here with this article which aims to provide you with an honest Opinion Outpost review. 


We will talk about this paid survey site and cover things like "what is Opinion Outpost, how does it work, its pros and cons." Also, we will try to understand "is this legit and safe?" 


Thus, get ready to read this Opinion Outpost review, which might be one of the best survey sites for you. 


What Is An Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a paid survey site as they conduct surveys primarily. For gathering opinions from you and helping many organizations improve their products. 

It provides a platform used to connect people and companies. That is why the it conducts surveys and pays you for your time and participation. 

How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

This is what identifies whether Opinion Outpost is legit or not? Let's explain the critical topic of our Opinion Outpost review and how Opinion Outpost works? 

There are many business companies and governments, and non-government organizations interested in knowing the perspectives about their services and products from their consumers. It helps them to improve their product and make them consumer-friendly.


That is why those organizations and companies are contracted with Opinion Outpost. And it provides them a platform where they conduct surveys to ask some questions to know how you feel about them and their products and services. 


People join here like you and take these paid surveys. Its users share their views about how the product can be more batter and not good. It collects all data from many people.


Then, you get paid for your time and responses to the surveys. Companies get these data from this paid survey site and analyze what can be better now. 

Opinion Outpost gets paid for conducting surveys and gathering data because it takes lots of effort and time. Also, you get paid from its profit for giving your time. 

Opinion Outpost Review: Is Opinion Outpost Legit?


The purpose of this Opinion Outpost review is to tell you that "is Opinion Outpost legit?"

Opinion Outpost is legit as they keep your details between you and companies and share them with no one else. 

Also, the companies pay you for how much time you spend to help them get feedback about their products from you. So, the process, aim, and data used in the survey are legit. 

How To Do Opinion Outpost Sign-In? 

#.Visit The Opinion Outpost Sign-In Page:

It is available in four countries, and every country has a specific web location to get signed up.  

#. Choose The Opinion Outpost Sign In Method:

After visiting the sign-up page, you can see two ways to get signed up, one via Facebook and the second by using a google account.  


#. Fill Opinion Outpost Sign-In Form:

You will need to fill in some basic information such as DOB, gender and name, and other basic details.  

#. Verify Your Account:

If you go with Facebook, you will get a notification on your Facebook profile.


If you go with a Google account, you must verify your Gmail address. 

#. You Have Completed Your Opinion Outpost Sign-In

After verification, you will get one more email to update your profile. Just do that because if your profile is informative, you will have a chance to get a survey invitation. 

How Much Does Opinion Outpost Pay?

There are 20 points worth $1 on this best-paid survey site. It means Opinion Outpost pay is calculated based on one point is equal to $0.05.


You redeem your rewards in the form of cash via PayPal and gift cards of many reward partners such as domino's, Amazon, and Nike.


Their minimum cash-out limit always starts with 50 points, but it is $5 if you redeem via PayPal. 


According to this best paid survey site, users can easily earn $1 to $2 for a day. The average pay is around 50 points or $2.5 if you work here at this one of the best-paid survey websites.


Its referrals program benefits you worth up to $5 for five referrals. But before it, your referrals must complete their first survey after entering your 6-digit invitation code. In my view, this paid survey site pay is meager in the referral program. 

Opinion Outpost Review: Pros And Cons 


#1. Privacy:

Opinion Outpost keeps your data between you and companies. They don't share it with anyone else or with a third party. 

#2. Enough Extra Money:

Here you can make enough extra money by doing micro tasks online on the this platform.

#3. Motivation:

There are some levels based on your profile performance at this platform. So, users get motivated to reach the next level.  

#4. More Than One Way To Make Money:

There are lots of ways to make money online with Opinion Outposts. So, it is easy to reach the minimum payout limit. Hence, at this one of the best survey websites, you can make decent money.  

#5.  Easy To Earn:

Tasks provided by this survey website are straightforward and can be done like snapping the fingers. 

#6. Pay In The Form Of Cash And Gift Card Too:

Here you get paid in a gift card as many sites do. But they pay you in the form of cash, too, via PayPal. 



#1. Low Pay

They pay very low; as they say, their users earn $1 or $2 for an hour. But it may vary to get an invitation for every survey because they give you surveys that match your profile. Also, they pay you only $1 for one referral. 

#2. Not For Everyone (USA, Canada, UK, Germany)

It is not available for everyone; if you are from Canada, USA, UK, or Germany. You can only make money online with an Opinion Outpost if you live in these countries. Other residents can use other best-paid survey websites. You can visit the other posts about top legit survey sites. 

#3. No Sign-Up Bonuses

Most of the platforms give you a welcome bonus they don't do. You do not get a sign-up bonus if you sign up with this survey site. 

Best Ways To Make Money Online With Opinion Outpost 


The primary and foremost method to earn money on Outpost is taking surveys. You have to provide your Opinion by answering the survey questions. And in the reward, you will get points which can be changed into cash.

#2. Product Testing

You also get paid for product testing on your mobile phone. You use products and provide them with honest feedback. Then they pay you for your helpful review of their products. 

#3.  Referrals

You can also invite five people and get $1 for each, which is relatively minor. You will receive a reward once they complete their first survey. To invite them, share your 6-digit referral code, and when they join and add your code into their profile, your referral will be successful. 

#4.  Ads Watching

You can make money online by watching new ads on this paid survey site. It is the easiest way to earn money online with an Opinion Outpost. 


We have discussed everything about this survey website in this Opinion Outpost review. We have discussed how you can earn money with the Opinion Outpost. Also, we explained, "Is Opinion Outpost legit?" I hope you liked this article and got helpful information about it.


So, please share it, comment here, and check our other make-money-online articles as well.


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