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If you keep looking for the best survey website to make money online. You might hear about Rakuten, a leading cash back app, and it has also launched its survey site. And it says if you work there, you can get paid by taking surveys. 

Hence, in today’s article, we will discuss “ what is Rakuten Insight,” “is Rakuten Insight legit & safe,” and “ how it  works.” So you can understand whether this site is worth it to put your efforts into or not. So, let’s start our Rakuten Insight review to discover essential things about Rakuten Insight Surveys. 

Rakuten Insight Review

What Is Rakuten Insight?

Rakuten Insight is one of the top paid survey websites, and Rakuten Insight Global, Inc runs this platform. This survey site provides crucial insights to businesses and organizations with the collected information. 

And it is mainly focused on countries of the US, Asia, and Europe to offer its services. If you live in these countries, you can join this survey website and start earning money by filling paid surveys. 

Is Rakuten Insight Legit & Safe?

It is a survey website that is available worldwide for its users. And it is also a reputable paid survey website that surveys small to large businesses with crucial insights. 

It allows users to earn money online with small cash payments by participating in paid surveys. Also, the users can claim their rewards in PayPal for cash and Amazon gift vouchers. 

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How Does Rakuten Insight Work?

Below is the process of how Rakuten Insight works, so go through and understand each concept. 

#1. Signup Or Register With Rakuten Insight

First, you need to register yourself on this survey site, and then you need to log in here. Creating your profile and Rakuten insight surveys login is a straightforward task. If you use social media platforms like Facebook, you can easily create your account here. 

#2. Participate In Paid Surveys

Once you log in to this paid survey website, you can participate in ideal surveys. And on completion of each paid survey, you get some reward points. 

#3. Claim Your Rewards

Once you collect some excellent reward points by participating in paid surveys. You can claim your reward points in gift cards or cash.

How Much Do Rakuten Insight Survey Pay?

Rakuten allows you to claim your earned reward points into PayPal cash, vouchers, and Amazon gift cards. And here, 500 Rakuten reward points refer to $5; hence, to earn $50, you need to earn 5000 reward points. 

Does Rakuten Insight have a referral program?

Yes, Rakuten Insight Also Offers To Refer And Earn Programs To Its Users. You Get a Referral code when you create your profile with this best paid survey website. And using your referral code, you can invite friends and other people. 

And every new sign up you get some decent reward points that you can convert into PayPal cash and gift vouchers. 

How Much Money Can You Make On Rakuten Insight? 

It is a survey website where you get $5 for every 500 reward points. Hence, if you work more on this platform, you can earn more points. And more points will help you make more money with this survey website. 

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Does Rakuten Insight Have a Mobile App?

This best-paid survey website also has a mobile app you can use and use as you use its website. Also, by using the app, you can access all the features and money-making opportunities you get on its website. 

Hence, if you do not want to access the website and are willing to make money online by mobile. You can consider using its iOS or Android mobile application. 

Does Rakuten Insight Have Chat Support?

If you doubt using this application, you can refer to its FAQ page. It contains each possible topic in detail that you wish to know. And still, if you do not find an ideal answer, you can refer to its chat support. 

And using its chatbot support, you can send them a query and get ideal solutions. Hence, this one of the top paid survey websites provides decent chat support for the user willing to make money online with this platform. 

Advantages Of Rakuten Insight Surveys

#1. It has a minimum withdrawal limit, making it one of the best-paid survey websites. 

#2. You can claim your paid rewards using your PayPal account and Amazon gift cards.

#3. Its mobile app is user-friendly and helps you participate in surveys. 

Disadvantages Of Rakuten Insight Surveys

#1. It is a great survey site to earn extra money online, but you earn small cash here. Hence, if you are willing to earn passive money, you should try other ways to make money online. 

#2. You might take time to create your complete profile as it is a lengthy process. 

How To Delete a Rakuten Insight Survey Account?

Below, the simple steps mention how you can delete the Rakuten Insight survey account. 

#1. First: Log in to your mobile application and go to dashboards to execute the next step.

#2. Second: Now navigate the My Page as here you need to click on one option. 

#3. Third: Now there will be an on-screen instruction that will appear. It will reflect the option to delete your Rakuten Insight account permanently. So, click on it and proceed with the further steps; you have successfully deleted your survey account with this survey site. 

Earn Extra Money Online By Rakuten Insight Surveys

So, you read this Rakuten Insight review in this article and learned a lot about this one of the top paying survey sites. However, if you ask me for my personal opinion, it is a great paid survey website to earn extra money online. However, you should consider this one of the best survey websites to make decent cash. 

It has limited earning opportunities, and you can now make tons of money by participating in paid surveys. However, if you want to learn about the top paying survey website, check out the article. It has the list of best and leading survey websites that pay you PayPal cash. 


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