How to Boost Domain Authority Using 6 Simple Ways!

Are you also searching for how to rank #1 on Google? If so, you might have listened to DA and want to increase the DA score of your website. 


DA is a short form of domain authority of the website; it represents the overall potential of the website to rank high in the SEARCH RESULT. It helps compare your website with others and find proper link building and ranking opportunities. Mostly, DA is calculated based on overall quality links, age of the domain, number of quality content, update time on the website's content and more. Your website traffic and organic links also affect the DA score of your website. 


And therefore, high DA means higher chances of ranking #1 in search results. Therefore, you have come to this article to learn how to increase the domain authority of a website. So, you can also ensure your website and its content rank higher in SERP results. 


Hence, let's start discussing the same and cover most of the topics to get proper insights on how to boost your website's domain authority.

How to Boost Domain Authority Using 6 Simple Ways!

What is Domain Authority or DA?

Domain authority is the metric designed by Moz, and its score ranges from 0 to 100. higher DA of the website shows that the website has a high chance of ranking high in search results. It's not the score decided by PageRank, but it can be extremely useful to invest your time and money in the right place to drive maximum results. 


Moz's DA score is decided after checking a variety of ranking factors of Google. It monitors links to root domains, traffic, and other factors to give an ideal DA score. 


In short, the DA of your website tells about the quality backlinks your website has earned from other reputable sites on the internet.  

Is DA & DR the same in SEO?

Domain authority and domain rating are not the same as DA is a metric created by Moz and DR is another key performance indicator metric created by Ahrefs. Both DA and DR are used regularly in SEO to check a website's ranking capacity and trustworthiness on the internet. Both metrics use different factors to determine site status and help in making SEO strategies more robust.  

Domain Authority Vs Page Authority: Know the Difference

Domain authority and page authority both are metrics created by Moz. But page authority measures the strength of a single web page to rank in SERP results. Whereas DA of a site measures the overall ranking capacity of the website. In this article, we will discover some useful ways to boost the website's domain authority. 

What is a Good DA Score?

Various factors affect the DA score of your website. But for an idea, you can check out the DA score of sites like Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook, and other leading sites. When you check the DA score of these sites, you will find their DA range between 95 to 100, where 100 is the top DA score designed by Moz. 


However, most new sites have either a 0 or 1 DA score, representing these sites with low chances of securing ranking in SERP. If you are also a website owner and want to get a good ranking in search results. You can aim to improve your website's domain authority and take it to at least 25 and then 35-40. Because it's an average DA score that will increase your chances of getting quality and high authority backlinks from other reputable sites to increase traffic and DA. 


Below is a proper category for the DA score, so you can monitor your website's Moz score and create a suitable strategy.  

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Rage of DA Categories

How to Boost Domain Authority Using 6 Simple Ways!


#1. 0-20: Poor domain authority; the site is still new and does not have quality links from other high DA sites.


#2. 20-40: Below average but still have chances to rank on low, competitive keywords and drive some traffic. 


#3. 40-60: Good score, and it will help you get more quality links from other sites and maximize organic traffic from Google. 


#4. 60-80: Very good score and people will love to link your website's content with theirs and help you get more organic and referral traffic. 


#5. 80-100: An excellent score that will bring massive traffic and build a high authority brand on the internet.  

Factors that Affect DA Score of Website

Before you start learning how to boost the domain authority, let's understand the factors that affect the DA of a website. It will give you useful insights and how you can boost your website's DA fast. DA is given by Moz, which considers more than 40 factors while deciding the DA of your website. Below are some major points you must remember while putting any strategy in your marketing campaign.  

#1. MozRank: 

It's the first factor that counts the number of inbound links coming from the different websites. It also looks at the quality of those links and websites offering you a referral.  

#2. Link Profile: 

If you enter inbound and outbound links that are of quality and relevant at the same time. In that case, it can contribute to your website to get high DA ratings.  

#3. Root Domains: 

Root domains are also an essential factor that affects the DA of a website. The more referral links from your site's different root domains, the more DA score your site will achieve. For example, if your post has got 50 inbound links from the articles on Medium, in that case, Moz will consider it as one root domain. So, it's important to get links from different and relevant domains to increase the website's domain authority.  

#4. MozTrust: 

It's another score given by Moz; it checks the trustworthiness of your website and the sites linking to your websites. If your site gets links from gov, edu, and large organizations sites, your site will have a high DA score. So, you should also focus on getting inbound links from the edu and gov website; it will help you in SEO and increase the domain authority of your website.  

#5. Site's UI and Structure

Is your site user friendly and easy to navigate for visitors? If so, it's a plus point and helps you increase the website's DA. The simple and systematic site structure and user-friendly site design increase the engagement with the visitors. It helps them navigate the website page content and products most simply. And all these things help visitors to spend more time on your website to pass good signals to crawlers. 


So, these are some essential factors that affect the domain authority of a website.  

Is DA Useless in 2022?

DA or domain authority of a website does not directly help your SEO and increase website traffic. But it helps you understand to whom your website can compete and drive better results. It helps you understand which keyword can help you rank better and which can take a long time. Hence, using the DA score by Moz can help you determine SEO goals and create a better strategy to grow your website traffic.  

Why Boost Domain Authority?

Google does not care about the DA score of a website while deciding on SERP ranking. But based on the Ahrefs study, it was found that there is some correlation between the DA and SERP ranking. A site with high DA has a high chance of ranking in a SERP result. In contrast, a site with one or very low DA score has very few chances to appear on the first page. 

So, if your site is not getting traffic and you want to increase the same. In that case, it's a better idea to use the below-mentioned ways to boost your website's domain authority. Because it will help you get quality backlinks from high authority websites, build your brand on the internet, and show your site's credibility to Google and other search engines.  

How to Boost Domain Authority?

Now let's understand some legit ways to boost the domain authority of a website. But before you use these techniques, you must know it's a long process and take some time to show you a result. If you think you can buy 10+,20+,30+,40+ or even 60+ DA from an SEO consultant to get links from high DA websites. There is a higher chance your site will have little or no impact on increasing DA and quality traffic. 

Google is much smarter and has made its algorithms more advanced than ever before. If you want to get high DA and traffic, it's good to follow the right strategy and invest your hard-earned money in the right things. Below are some common and useful ways to increase the DA of the website.  

#1. Acquire Legit Links from High DA Sites

It's one of the primary tips that most people tell it's a significant factor in calculating the DA of the site. Also, Ahrefs study showed that more than 55% of websites do not get any traffic as they do not have any backlinks. Even if you have backlinks but poor quality ones, your site will have zero or little impact. 

So, you can do deep research about top referral sources and find the high-quality sites in your industry or the focused audience. You can use some Google verified tools to spy on your competitors and link-building strategies. It will help you find out the site linking similar content, and you can also have a good opportunity to get links.  

#2. Create a Strong and Informative Content

Most websites have a blog or article section, and if your site also has one, utilize it by creating and publishing link-worthy content. You can create a short form to long-form content by considering audience needs and competition. Remember, it does not matter whether the content length is short or too long until it's interesting, unique, and helpful for your audience. 

I have seen much short-form content that performs very well, and some long-form articles do not work. In short, if your content is useful, user-oriented and SEO friendly, in that case, there are high chances people will link and share your content. So, your site can get more traffic and attention from the targeted audience.  

#3. Remove Bad Links

Whenever you get a backlink from a different site, it's good to check out the spam score of that site. If there is only a 1% spam score, you should acquire a link from that root domain. However, if you have a backlink from a high spam score, you can use Google Search Console to discover these links and disavow those links. 

It will decrease the spam score of your site and increase domain authority. It's one of the useful ways when your site is constantly getting spam links from competitors. Because you can easily disavow those links and keep your site's status healthy in the eye of Google and other search engines.  

#4. Consider Getting Useful Links.

We already discussed getting high-quality links from high DA sites. But are these links useful and driving traffic to your site? A useful backlink is a backlink that drives the legit traffic to the website from the acquired backlink. If your links are driving traffic, it will send a plus signal and help to increase your site's domain authority. 

You can consider guest posting on Google News approved sites as these sites get good traffic. And your guest post will also have a high chance of driving traffic from the link. You can even consider those sites with decent traffic, and your guest posts are also driving traffic from the links.  

#5. Create and Optimize the Sitemap

The sitemap of your website tells the crawlers the page sequences on your website. If your sitemap is user friendly and shows every piece of content in a structured manner. In that case, it will make your site easy to navigate and increase user engagement. Also, search engine crawlers will be able to discover the web pages easily and index those. 

Your site should also be mobile-friendly because Google is now preferring to rank those sites that are mobile-friendly. If you work on these two terms, it will also increase your website's domain authority. 

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#5. Do Proper Internal Link Building

It's not only a part of on-page SEO but also a crucial activity in boosting domain authority. If your site has a bounce rate, it will be more likely to have a low DA score. However, by adding relevant internal links within the article and suggestion posts, you can also drive users to other posts. As a result, your site can have more retention ratio and low bounce rate. Ultimately, it will help your site get a good DA score from Moz and get good traffic.  

Where can you Check the DA of the Website?

There are many ways to check the DA of the website on the internet. However, you can prefer Moz's Link Explorer tool; it's free to use and provides accurate DA score and other details. You just need to enter your site's URL and the rest of the things this tool will do. If you use paid SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush, in that case, you can also use its DA checker feature and get the DA score of your website.  

What does Google Say on DA?

Google's official statement said Google does not consider the DA score of the website to give ranking in SERP results. But still, what will you say about ranking a site with 20DA and another site with 50+DA. Site B with 50+DA will have more inbound links, Moz trust score, and other SEO friendly metrics that increase its chances of getting high traffic. 

DA score does not impact the SEO ranking of the site, but it helps site owners to understand which SEO keyword and ranking is achievable with the ideal SEO strategy. It helps create new SEO strategies to compete with more targeted competitors with similar DAs. As a result, your site will get a good result using DA metrics by Moz.  

How to Boost Domain Authority Using 6 Simple Ways!

How to Boost Domain Authority: Conclusion

DA or domain authority of a website plays a crucial role in understanding the website's inbound and quality links and traffic. If your site is also not getting traffic from Google and other search engines. There are high chances your site does not have inbound links from different root domains. And you need to get some quality but natural links from other relevant sites to get some traffic. 

In this article, we discussed how to boost the domain authority of a website using simple ways. We hope now you have a clear idea of the same, and it was a useful read. So, if you read this article and found it very informative, please share and make sure to comment below. It will motivate us to keep sharing useful articles on blogging, content writing, making money online and career advice. 

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