Moj App Review: How to Make Money From Moj App

Dear Paisekiyukti viewer, today, I will be sharing the Moj App Review article with you. So, you can understand "what is Moj App" and "how to make money from Moj App." In addition, I will also share some other details that will help you grow on India's 4th largest short video sharing platform. 

Moj App Review: How to Make Money From Moj App:

What is MoJ App?

Moj App is an Indian short video streaming platform where creators can upload their engaging and persuasive video shorts. This platform aims to encourage creators to come ahead and upload their quality content to provide valuable entertainment or educational content to the audience. Creators can upload videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute.

This application was developed by ShareChat, a social media and networking application developed by Bangalore-based Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd. Moj App has founders Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan, which they incorporated on January 8, 2015. Moreover, it's a great mobile application to build an audience (followers) and monetize them to make money from Moj App. 

How to Earn Money from Moj App

You can earn from Moj App in many ways, as I've explained below. 

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#1. Self Branding

If you keep posting quality content regularly, you will soon build up a decent audience base. As a result, you will have a loyal audience that will help you make money online. You can ask your audience to follow you on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other channels. It will make you an influencer and let you get clients to promote their products or services among your audience. 

#2. Product Promotion/Selling

By working on this short video streaming application, you can even promote any product or sell your own courses. It's a good idea to make money from the Moj app for the users who already have some products to sell and generate revenue. 

#3. Sponsorship

When you have some decent followers on Moj App, you also get calls from brands willing to pay for their brand promotion. You do not need to do anything; they will ask you to take their name or show the product in your video content. In exchange, you will get your influencer fee for the advertising. 

#4. Affiliate Marketing

It's a common and very popular way to make money from Moj App. You can join the best affiliate marketing programs like Amazon Associates and start promoting the best quality products among your audience. For every successful sale, you can earn a small commission that will convert into a big amount when many people purchase through your affiliate link. 

Advantages of Using Moj App

#1. Moj App has over ten crore downloads and 4.2-star ratings by 15.5 lakh people on Play Store and App store. 

#2. In addition, it has billions of active users, ready to consume your funny to inspirational video content. 

#3. It allows creators to create funny dialogue dubbing videos and watches real celeb videos with many other features. 

#4. This short video-sharing application has over 7 million talented creators who keep entertaining their audience. 

#5. Here you can find many niche content, including DIY, food, dance, sports, vlog, and much more. 

#6. Using this mobile application is easy and allows convenient ways to upload the creator's content. 

Disadvantages of Using Moj App

#1. Due to security reasons, the app does not allow users to take screenshots.

#2. As a creator, you can face negative comments from harsh users. 

#3. Some features are available for non-registered users.

#4. For users, it can be an addicting short video application, as it has billions of active users and talented creators. 

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How to Create an Account in Moj App

Let's understand how you can create an account on Moj App. 

Moj App Review How to Make Money From Moj App

#1. First, it's the step where you will install this short video-sharing application on your phone. 

#2. The next step is to open the app and select your preferred language; the app is available in 12 regional languages, and you can choose anyone. 

#3. Now you will be redirected to the home page, so click on the profile icon and fill in basic details to create your account. 

#4. Creating your profile on Moj App is a very convenient process; I know you can do it in a minute. 

#5. To verify your account, it will send an OTP on your registered number to enter it and verify your account. 

#6. After verification, complete basic details like password, username, and name. 

How to Create Videos on Moj App?

Now that you have created your account let's also see how you can create your first video short on Moj App.

#1. First, open your Moj application and click on the plus icon. 

#2. Record your video; it can be anything, including funny or dubbing. 

#3. You can add music or songs to make the content more interesting. 

#4. Once you create your video, click on Next and enter details about your video.

#5. You can even add relevant hashtags to let your content get a high reach. 

#6. After adding all details, you can click on the post button and make the content live.

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#1. Can I Earn Money from Moj App?

There are many ways to earn money from Moj App, like affiliate marketing, brand promotion, collaboration, and selling your own product. 

#2. Is Moj App Famous in India?

Moj App is the 4th largest short video sharing application in India. So, if you are looking for a famous mobile application to use and grow your audience, it can be an ideal mobile app. 

#3. In which Language is Moj App Available?

Moj App is available in over 12 languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Odish, Bhojpuri, and Gujrati. 

#4. What are the Hot Topics or Niches on Moj App?

On Moj App, you will get enough reach and audience engagement if you create content around beauty, dance, lipsync, tech, jokes, tricks, and cooking. 

#5. Is Moj App Free to Use for Users?

Moj App is a free short video-sharing mobile application for Android and iOS devices. 

#6. Is Moj App Safe to Use?

As a user, Moj App is a secure mobile application to use on your devices. There is no extra risk involved; your audience can not take a screenshot of your videos for security reasons. 


So, In this Moj App Review article, you learn how to make money from Moj App. Moreover, you also learned how you could create your account on a leading short video-sharing mobile application. I hope now you have some significant ideas about this application. So, if you also want to use a short video-creating platform, you can consider using this mobile app. 

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Note: Hey guys, please note that it's not a promotional article; I just created it to help you to know a little more about this mobile application.

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