10 Ways How to Make Money as a Web Designer

Learn here how you can make money from web designing!

No need to ponder how to make money from web design or freelance web designing, as I will share some easy and interesting methods that make money for web designers. If you are willing to start your web design career, you must read this article. It will help you build your strategy to build multiple sources of income. 

10 Ways How to Make Money as a Web Designer

10 Best Ways to Make Money by Web Designing 

#1. Work with Web Design Agency

When you are in the early stage of your web design career, it's good to work with a web design agency. This way provides you a steady source of income and unlimited learning. You do not work only on a single niche project but also on a diverse area to build a strong portfolio. 

When you join a web design agency, you work in a team and get an opportunity to contribute to big projects from leading brands. However, joining an agency can be tough, as they prefer experienced professionals. But you can join them as an intern or try LinkedIn to find an ideal opportunity. 

#2. Get into Full-time Web Design Job

Don't think it's the same as working in an agency. Somehow it's identical, but here I'm talking about working with brands directly to meet their website design requirements. For example, you can join a SaaS company that sells their software or product to customers. When you join them, you will gain niche-driven experience that will make you an expert in a specific niche. 

And later, it will help you get more high-paying opportunities in the same domain. Working with an agency and with a company is similar. However, in the agency, you get diverse projects to work on. And in the company, you only work for the company's main website. 

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#3. Sell Website Themes & Templates

Do you want to know one of the most profitable ways to make online money as a web designer? It's about selling website templates and themes. Well-established businesses, early-stage startups, and bloggers hunt for SEO-friendly, responsive, and unique web designs that properly engage their audience and help them connect with brands. 

If you can create such themes and templates, it's a great method to try right now. You can use your PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and programming skills to design WordPress themes and sell them on sites like ThemeForest

#4. Join Freelance Marketplace

There are many freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn to sell freelance gigs and make money online. If you are completely new in the web design industry or have some experience, you can try these marketplaces. You don't need to rely only on a single marketplace; you can create an account on multiple platforms to increase your chances of finding some promising clients. 

Many freelance web designers use these marketplaces and online portfolios to generate passive income online. You can also try this method and start making money. However, you will require robust web design skills to generate clients for you.

#5. Build Shopify Store

Many businesses prefer building their eCommerce site on Shopify. It's an easy way to grow their business online and generate high revenue. But these businesses might not have experts to help them set up their stores. You can take it as an opportunity and help these businesses create their Shopify store. 

You can refer new clients and earn a commission for each referral. Moreover, you can charge for the services you offer these businesses in setting up their Shopify store. 

#6. Try Website Flipping for Profit

If you want to make money online as a web designer, you can even try website flipping. Don't think it's tricky or complex; it's easy and profitable too. First, you create the basic website or blog and optimize for SEO, make a responsive web design, and add blog content. 

Once it starts getting traffic and making money, you can sell it for profit. You can even purchase a well-established website and improve its SEO and web design elements to sell it at a higher price. If you want to know more about website flipping, you can check out sites like Flippa and Website Properties

#7. Provide Website Maintenance Service

Many startups prefer website maintenance services, as they might not have web design or development experts. You can offer your website maintenance services and charge your fees. Mostly these clients look to add a new product landing page, change the old theme, and update the current page. 

And if you are a website designer, you might already know how to work on such web design tasks. Also, if you offer this service and make your client happy with the work, you will keep getting consistent work in the future and client referrals. Joining sites like Fiverr is also great for offering your website maintenance services. 

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#8. Sell Hosting To Clients

This method also helps web designers to make money online. You can take a reseller or premium hosting plan where you can add multiple websites, and these servers can handle sufficient website traffic. Generally, reseller and paid plans are affordable, especially if you consider HostGator or Hostinger. 

Once you have hosting, you can offer your web design service at a fair price along with web-hosting service. It will help your client save money in buying and managing website hosting. 

#9. Run Web Design Agency

Many website designers also prefer running their web design agency. It helps them make passive money and enjoy flexibility in their work. If you want to be a boss and set up an agency, you must do some research around the industry, make a team of experts, and gain some inbound and organic leads to sell your services. 

Firstly, you can start working as a freelance web designer. Secondly, you can build your freelance web design team and leverage some work. This way, you will be able to earn a great amount and gather money to make the investment to set up your web design agency. 

#10. Provide SEO & Web Design Consultancy

As a web design professional, you must also know about search engine optimization. It's a must to have skill for every professional who belongs to the IT industry. This helps you make your website user-friendly and accessible for the end user. Moreover, it also helps your client to attract organic traffic and generate passive income.

So, if you have this skill along with web designing, it's good to provide consultancy to clients. You can get clients from social media sites like LinkedIn and freelance marketplaces like Upwork. There is a lot of work to do and earn money; you will have expertise in your offerings.

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#1. How to Make Money as a Freelance Web Designer?

If you want to make money as a freelance web designer, it's good to set up your online portfolio. It's the first step to showcase your work to prospects and offer service to them. You can join freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and People Per Hour. 

#2. Is Freelance Web Designing Worth it?

Freelance web designing is worth it, as you can work for multiple clients to maximize your earnings. Later, you can start your own blog or YouTube channel or sell your courses or website templates. There are plenty of ways to make money for freelance web design professionals. However, you must have proper web design skills that really help your clients.

#3. Can you Earn Money From Web Designing?

If you have learned web designing and completed an internship, and also have professional-level expertise, you can surely make money as a web designer. 

#4. How to Start a Freelance Web Design Career?

I recommend getting certified in web design first and then completing an internship in a marketing or web design agency. It will give you exposure and help you understand how to work on web design projects. 

#5. How Much do Freelance Web Designers Make in India?

Freelance Web Designers make between Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000 based on their experience and marketable skills. 

#6. How Much Freelance Web Designer Make in the USA?

In the USA, freelance web designers make an average of $48,000 a year. 

#7. Which Skills are Required for a Web Designer? 

A web designer must have professional-level knowledge of typography, composition, UX, CMS, and responsive design. They must also know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, and Flash. 


So, these are the top 10 ways to make money as a web designer. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have selected the ideal way to make money as a web designer. 

However, if you want to hit the highest level in your career, it's essential to keep updating and refining your web design skills, along with marketing and communication skills that mostly come with experience. So, try some of these methods and tell me in a comment which one works for you. 

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