MX TakaTak App Review: How to Make Money From MX TakaTak App?

Dear Paisekiyukti visitors, we have come up with another article in this series of app reviews and how you can use these applications to make money online. In this article, we will review the MX TakaTak App and understand its features plus ways to earn money from this app. 

MX TakaTak App Review How to Make Money From MX TakaTak App

So, stay tuned with this post and ensure you go through each point mentioned below. 

What is the MX TakaTak App?

MX TakaTak is a short video-sharing and streaming mobile application like TikTok. This short video-sharing app was made in India and launched when the Indian government banned the TikTok app. You can use this mobile app as an alternative to TikTok and even go live to engage with your audience.

Moreover, you can engage with other creators' short videos, like, comment, and even share them. On top of that, the app features content in most categories, including dialogue dubbing, comedy, DIY, food, and even memes. 

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Who Owns the MX TakaTak App?

MX Media India has developed the MX TakaTak mobile application, which was launched on 9th July 2020. The app allows users to create short video content, build an audience, and even engage with other creators' content for free. 

Is the MX TakaTak App Free to Use?

This video-sharing application is free to use for creators and viewers. Also, you can install this mobile app from App Store and Play Store for free. 

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What is the MX TakaTak Login Process?

To create your account on the MX TakaTak app, you need to install this app on your mobile device.

MX TakaTak App Review How to Make Money From MX TakaTak App

#1. Once you install it, you can open the app to proceed with further steps.

#2. When you open the app, you will see an account option at the bottom (right side) of the application; click on it. 

#3. Now it will show three options (Facebook, Google, and Mobile Number) to create an account and choose the preferred mode. I recommend creating your account using a mobile number, as it's a less time taking and convenient process.

#4. The app will also ask you to enter your mobile number and verify using OTP, do the same and complete this step.

#5. After entering OTP, you can complete your profile by adding your DOB, profile photo, and user IT (also called TakaTak ID). 

#6. Make sure you keep your user ID unique, as you can edit it later only after 180 days from the date of account creation.

#7. With this step, your account creation process is completed; now, you can start using this app at your convenience. 


This short video-sharing application is good for content creators and audiences to watch unique content in their local language. Moreover, they can also follow the creators, upload their content, and build an audience. If you are also looking for a short video-sharing mobile app, you can consider it. 

However, before that, you can also try YouTube Shorts; it has a great audience base and can make your content viral if you work on it. You can stay tuned to our blog as soon as I come up with a YouTube Shorts blog post, where I will share many insights on how you can create your professional account and how you can grow your audience to make money online. 

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