7 Best Refer And Earn Apps That Help You Make Money Online (2023)

Are you looking for some new ways to make money online? You might love knowing about refer and earn applications to generate some side money. There are many platforms where you may invite people and earn extra money. 

Considering the same, today I'll introduce some of these refer and earn applications. Refer and earn apps are those applications where you may get some benefits of inviting your friends on those platforms. I will also explain how you will share these apps with your friends and receive earnings in your wallet. 

So, let's start discussing the best refer and earn apps to make some side money.

7 Best Refer And Earn Apps That Help You Make Money Online

7 Best Refer And Earn Apps For Make Money Online

1. Meesho App

Meesho app is one of the popular eCommerce apps, and most of you have listened to it before. It is an online market similar to Amazon and other eCommerce sites. People come to the platform to buy or resell the products. But we have to discuss the refer and earn program that can help you make some money:

- First of all, you have to install its application on your device and sign up. 

- Now you would be able to invite people, you can go to the "refer and earn" tab. 

- Click to 'refer a friend and get your invite link; after this, you need to share the invitation link with your friend. 

- When your friend joins the platform using your link, you will get a 25% profit from his first three orders. 

Keep in mind your friend will never pay extra for it as it will be given from the company's profit. You can even read the article that we posted earlier about making money from Meesho. There you can get in-depth information on the same thing. 

2. Paytm

As you already know, Paytm is a universal online money transaction app. You will need to make your profile first and link your bank account with your Paytm account. Once you are done with it, you may refer and earn money; let me explain how you have to invite anybody:

When you install its application, you go to the tap "refer and earn 100".

- Now, copy your invitation link from there and share it with your friends.

- When your friend joins the platform using your link, they will need to pay somebody because only you will get your 100 rupees of your referral.

- If your friend buys FasTag or recharges someone's number, you will get 20 rupees of cashback and 2000 cashback points. 

3. Amazon Pay UPI

It is an online money transaction application to make your financial activities easy. You may earn 75 rupees for each referral. You will receive your referral reward when your friend installs the app by using your app and putting your referral code. 

After this step, when your friend makes his first transaction of 100 rupees or more, you will get your commission, and also your friend will get 100 rupees cashback. Keep in mind only one thing that you will be able to earn by inviting people when you are using the latest version of the app.

4. Google Pay

Google pay is another online money transfer platform owned by Google. There is the availability of a one referral program from google, which is available the whole year. Let's see how you may earn from Google Pay by referring  to this application:

- First, you can install its mobile application on your mobile device and complete the signup process. 

- You are ready to invite your friends by going to the "invite friends, get rewards" option.

- Now, you will get your invitation link and share it with your friends.

- Whenever your friends join using your link, they will get 21 rupees, and after their first transaction, you will get 150 rupees of cashback. 

5. Teen Patti Master

Teen Patti is an online gaming app where you may earn unexpected money at a winning price. It is also one of the best refer and earn apps as on it you may sign up quickly with your mobile number and get a signup bonus worth Rs20. You can earn 155 rupees too by checking in daily for seven days. 

After signing up, you will earn more by playing games; you can even read my article on the best ways to make money online by playing games. Also, when you refer this app to your friends and networks, you get Rs20 for each referral. It allows you to withdraw your earnings anytime via Paytm or direct bank transfer. 

6. Groww App

Here is the mutual fund app cum Demat application where you can create your Demat account and buy stocks. After completing their signup and activating their stock accounts, you and your friends will receive these benefits. Let's understand how you can make money from Groww App using refer and earn programs. 

- At first, you will install its application and complete the signup. When you do it, you will get 100Rs as a signup bonus.

- Then, you need to go to the "share and earn cash rewards" option and copy the link. 

- From here you will be able to invite people and make a profit. 

- Once your friend activates his Demat account, you will receive 100Rs. 

- You can withdraw your earnings directly from your bank account. 

7. EarnKaro 

EarnKaro is one of the affiliate marketing apps where you have to share the affiliate links of products you want to promote and then get a commission for each successful sale. They allow you to make money by joining a referral program also. You earn 10% of your friend's earnings for a lifetime. Below are easy steps to help you easily install and join its refer and earn program. 

- Install the EarnKaro app and complete the signing up process.

-Once you complete the above step, you can go to your profile and click on "my referrals."

- Now, it's required to choose "refer and earn lifetime" by going to your mobile application.

- Here, you will get your affiliate link; that you can share with anyone and earn some side money.

- After a successful invitation, you will receive a 10% lifetime of your referrals. 

Keep in mind that you will withdraw your earnings if you have at least 10 rupees in your wallet. Also, whenever someone uses your link to buy products, you will get your commission there. 

Best Refer And Earn Apps: Conclusion

Here, I explained the best platforms to join for referring and earning programs. I was also informed about how much you may earn and how to get money in your account. It is an excellent way to earn as these helpful apps provide extra opportunities. 

However, referring and earning applications are good ways to earn extra money and make passive money online. You can consider blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing, and freelancing. These ways to make money online will give you more return and value to your efforts. 


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