Tigerfish Transcription Review: Is it Worth Doing its Transcription Job?

In our series of transcription job site reviews, we have come up with our new article on another great transcription job site, Tigerfish Transcription. Here we will understand its legitimateness, job application process, benefits, and disadvantages. 

Tigerfish Transcription Review: Is it Worth Doing its Transcription Job?

So, let's start reviewing this transcription job platform. 

Is Tigerfish Transcription legit?

When we talk about the legitimacy of any company, we need to go with facts and analyze them. So, according to a few facts' Tigerfish is a completely legit company. They have offices in New York and Francisco and have been providing services since 1989. 

Also, when we talk about the task, you just have to listen to the audio or videos and transcribe them into text form, which is totally legit work. If these things are not proven strongly, they look at the company's positive reviews from Tigerfish transcribers. Most of them ensure transparent payments and better startups for beginners. So, in my Tigerfish Transcription review, Tigerfish is a 100% legitimate company.

However, working with this transcription job website has some cons and pros. Let's also learn about those and how you can become a transcriber at Tigerfish Transcription. 

How to Become a Transcriber at Tigerfish Transcription?

#1. To become a transcriber at Tigerfish and use it, you must be based in the US and above 18. Also, you need a PC or laptop to work with them. If you meet these requirements, then you will be able to work with this transcription job website. 

#2. It is a simple process to apply at Tigerfish Transcription. You just need to visit its website's career page first and click on 'employment opportunities'. Then you will get a hyperlink on the next step with the text 'Tigerfish style guide. Here you see guidelines you need to follow when working on transcription projects. It will also help you understand their transcription tasks.

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#3. Next, you will be asked for some details to submit. After its completion, you can download files from a website and transcribe them to attend the tigerfish application test. 

To qualify for the test, you need to transcribe 3 different types of files. Then only the company will accept it.

#4. You will send your test files back to them, and your waiting period will be a few weeks.

Once you pass the test and get approved, you can start working. But using Tigerfish is not free for freelancers to get registered and start working with them. Instead, you will need to purchase their software.

#5. After this process, you will get tasks to work on and get paid when they get accepted. As you gain experience, you will be able to earn more with the help of your typing speed and accuracy.

How Much Do You Make on Tigerfish Transcription?

Tigerfish Transcription generally provides $0.03 to $0.04  for every single transcribed line. If you have good typing skills with accuracy, you can make $7-$8 per hour. 

What is a Requirement to Work with Tigerfish Transcription?

#1. You must buy their paid software to start working with them. After completion of the tigerfish application, you pay them around $200, and only you can work.

#2. A PC or laptop is needed, along with a good internet connection. So, you can get your tasks there, transcribe them and submit them.

#3. The headset will help you listen to audio and videos clearly and improve your work accuracy.

#4. Word processor [MS word] is compulsory; you will type your files and the same file you submit.

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What are the Benefits of Tigerfish Transcription Job?

You may like many things about the tigerfish, and a few of them we should discuss here.

#1. Tigerfish gives job training which is a great aspect to start working with them. It simply shows that they give better opportunities for beginners.

#2. To start working at Tigerfish, you take a Simple application test which needs good skills in listening to audio and typing word to word you hear.

#3. The high volume of the wok to take on Tigerfish and make money at your convenience. There is no shortage of work opportunities for you on Tigerfish.

#4. Tigerfish pays on time to transcribers who work with them. So, payment on time is the most interesting thing if you start making money online through tigerfish.

What's the Disadvantage of Tigerfish Transcription Job?

Everything is not good with Tigerfish. Few people don't like some aspects of tigerfish and share reviews over this. Some of them are here to be discussed.

#1. The Start-up fee is high on tigerfish if you are willing to work as a transcriber. Some people can invest here to buy the software, but most beginners don't like to pay money.

#2. When we compare tigerfish's payment with some other transcribing companies, we will find that tigerfish's payment is not so high that you can work full time here. It limits your earnings where you can work only for a side hustle income source.

#3. If you want to be accepted for your work every time, your tigerfish work quality must be accurate. They look for a high accuracy rate in the transcribed files. This means it is a little hard to work here for beginners.

#4. There is a long waiting period for tigerfish application. So, if you want to work here, you will be waiting for a few weeks after your application submission. It is a little longer than some other companies.


As per our Tigerfish Transcription review 2023, it's clear that it's a legit transcription job website where you can make money with your typing skill. However, you need to pay a startup fee of around $200, which is quite high for newbies. But don't worry; we have also reviewed other transcription job websites that can help you earn up to $1500 a month. All in all, it's also a great website if you have the proper skill set and little investment to proceed with this site. 

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