Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives 2023

Google AdSense is one of the popular ad networks that most bloggers and publishing websites use to monetize their web content. This industry-leading ad network has been operated by Google since its launch in 2003. However, you must set up a website and optimize it according to its guidelines to start making money from AdSense.

If you cannot get approval from this best advertising network, you can look for top alternatives of Google AdSense that we will discuss in this blog. However, make sure you create your WordPress blog to get eligible to monetize your content through these ad networks. 

Find here top high paying Google AdSense alternatives in 2023. I have shared some handpicked alternatives to AdSense.

Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives 2023 

1. Ezoic

Ezoic is very famous and one of the most used AdSense alternatives. This ad network platform has AI-based technology that makes the ads personalized to ensure visitors get targeted ads and click on those to help bloggers maximize their revenue. It's a certified Google publishing partner and has access to Google's AdX portfolio of advertising partners. If you are using AdSense, you can't access AdX as it's a different product that displays high-paying ads for higher earnings. Ezoic, a top Google AdSense alternative, also offers a video ads option hosted on the Humix video platform, giving publishers a higher percentage of revenue. 

2. Media.Net

Media.Net is the top competitor of Google AdSense, which is directly operated by Yahoo and Bing. This advertising network count is the world's largest contextual ad network that allows publishers to monetize their content through its ads. This was the first ad network that developed a server-side bidding platform that can be fully managed to show programmatic ads on your content. If you use it, you can show contextual, display, search, and mobile ads. The minimum payout for this Google AdSense alternative is $100. 

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3. PropellerAds

It's a self-serve advertising network that connects advertisers with publishers through its online platform. It provides publishers with many adverts, including sponsored links, push notifications, and banners. The ad formats of this ad network work well for desktop sites, mobile apps, and mobile websites. The great thing about this AdSense alternative is that it does not have any minimum traffic eligibility criteria, making it an ideal choice for new and aspiring bloggers. The minimum payout with PropellerAds is $5 only. 

4. Publift

Another Google-certified publishing partner that incorporates its more than ten years of experience to help publishers show relevant ads through its latest ad network technology. The platform provides header ads, reporting deals, ad layout optimization, and many other features that help publishers increase revenue. If you are looking for an all-in-one platform and the highest-paying AdSense alternatives, Publift can be an ideal platform to learn about. 

5. Skimlinks

Skimlinks can be suitable if you search for a Google AdSense alternative. This affiliate marketing platform scans the links given in your web content. If it matches with its existing partners, Skimlinks exchanges those links into affiliate links to generate high traffic and earnings for publishers. The publishers are provided with 75% of the commission when a viewer clicks on the like and proceed further with the link. If you use this platform, you can withdraw funds once it reaches a minimum payout of $10. 

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6. AdExchange

AdX is a part of Google and is designed for publishers to monetize their websites through its ad network. However, it's not the same as Google AdSense; it is a refined version or something advanced that makes it a dedicated product. If you are looking for a reliable ad network from Google AdX is a great option. It offers Google Ad Manager, which may help you earn more with existing traffic. You can set up native, video, and customized ads with this ad network effortlessly. The minimum payout with this AdSense alternative is $100. 

7. Revcontent

If your blog or website gets at least 50,000 visitors every month and needs to generate more revenue from this traffic base, Revcontent can be a great option. It handles over 250 billion content monthly and collaborates with high-quality publishing websites. While applying, make sure your website meets its strict guidelines, as its team will manually review the website. 

8. She Media

She Media is a women focused ad network and monetizes blogs and websites that are focused on the same. It gets more than 50 million unique impressions from its publishers. If you create premium content for a female audience and are looking for a top alternative to Google AdSense, She Media can be a worthy option. However, your site must be a minimum of 90 days old and should have a higher percentage of US-based traffic. The minimum payout with She Media, a female-focused advertising network, is $20. 

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9. AdThrive

Looking for a reliable and Google-certified CPM ad network for your blog or website? You should learn about AdThrive, a CPM ad network that pays you based on 1000 impressions on your blog.You can apply to this ad network only if your blog gets a minimum of 100000 monthly unique visitors and most traffic should come from the US, UK, and Canada. The minimum payout with this ad network is $25, and it shares 75% of ad revenue. 

10. Adsterra

This ad network platform uses a different approach and offers great advertising features for both publishers and advertisers. Adsterra is also the fastest-growing advertising network. It is used by many bloggers and publishing websites to monetize their content. With its simple and reliable interface, you can easily monetize your traffic and generate better revenues. Once your website gets approved, you can add pre-roll videos, push notifications, and many other ads suitable for your website and audience. 


Google AdSense is one of the best advertising networks most bloggers and publishers use. If you are just starting out, you might face problems approving your website with AdSense. In this case, you can look for top alternatives to Google AdSense. Moreover, if you are happy with your Google AdSense performance, you can optimize your current ads to get better returns.

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1. What are the best AdSense alternatives?, Ezoic, and Adsterra are some of the best AdSense alternatives? 

2. Why do bloggers look for google AdSense alternatives?

Bloggers look for Google AdSense alternatives because their websites do not get approval from Google AdSense, or they do not generate more money with this advertising network. 

3. Is Ezoic better than Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a leading and better advertising network that may help you make money online with your blog or website. 

4. Is Adsterra better than Google AdSense?

Google AdSense has a top position in the market, but Adsterra is also a promising option for those looking for an AdSense alternative. 

5. Is Admob better than Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is reliable and widely used, making it a better option for publishers than Admob. 

6. What are the best high-paying AdSense alternatives?

Trying, Ezoic, PropellerAds, Skimlinks, and Revcontent are good options if you are looking for high-paying AdSense alternatives. 

7. What are the AdSense alternatives for bloggers?

You should first try out AdSense; if your blog doesn't get approval or you want to try some other networks, look for AdExchange (ADX), as it's a product of Google and can help you make more money with current traffic. 

8. What are the best AdSense alternatives for wordpress?

If your website is hosted on WordPress and you want to try some AdSense alternatives, try out Taboola, Verizon Media, AdExchange, AdThrive, and SheMedia. 

9. What are the best AdSense alternatives for small websites? and Ezoic are top AdSense alternatives for small websites.

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