Textbroker Review: Is It Legit or Scam? [2023]

If you possess impeccable writing skills and are looking for a website to earn extra cash, there is a platform called Textbroker that helps writers earn money by writing articles. 

In the modern digitally connected world and with the emergence of several AI writing tools like ChatGPT 4 and Rytr, the demand for freelance writers with incredible research and writing skills continues to surge in the global market. 

Textbroker Review 2023: Is It Legit or Scam? [2023] If you possess impeccable writing skills and are looking for a website to earn extra cash, there is a platform called Textbroker that helps writers earn money by writing articles.

There is a huge number of small to large-scale businesses looking for these professionals who can understand their brand’s content marketing needs and leverage their expertise to write blogs and articles, among other kinds of web content, to not only rank in Google but also effectively convey the brand message to attract target audience and convert them into real leads. 

Platforms like Textbroker have clients looking for long-term collaboration with these wordsmiths, helping them create and execute a winning content marketing plan. Using my experience in this field, I’m going to share an unbiased Textbroker review so that you can decide if the platform is worth your time and effort to earn respectable pay.

What is a Textbroker?

Textbroker is a content exchange platform that was founded in Germany in 2008. It has headquarters in New York City and Las Vegas. The platform aims to connect and maintain a pool of clients looking for quality blogs and articles for their content marketing campaigns. Additionally, Textbroker also onboard freelance writers proficient in English and capable of delivering incredible results. 

Writers can also write diverse forms of content, including product descriptions, technical articles, web copy, and ad copies. Most writers associate with this globally known freelance website for writers because it offers them flexible work hours and work-from-home opportunities. 

Note: Textbroker allows only US-based authors proficient in writing SEO-friendly content and have some experience in the field. 

Important Thing to Note: Whenever writers submit their articles or blogs on the platform, particularly the new joiners, they are awarded ratings from 3-star to 5-star. If you want to be awarded more work on this make-money-online platform, you must maintain 5-star ratings on your work. 

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Is Textbroker Legit or Scam?

Many fellow writers hesitate before starting with Textbroker because they stay confused about whether it's a legit or fake site with their writing skills to earn money. Textbroker is a legitimate company that believes in offering quality writing services for its strong client base. Hence, they hire experienced writers from the US only. If you are a resident of this country, trying your luck on this freelance marketplace for writers can be a great choice. 

Eligibility to Become a Freelance Writer at Textbroker

Textbroker primarily allows US authors to register themselves as writers on its platform. However, they also handle and serve the client base of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, and other European nations; if you come from there, you can consider checking its platform. It has sister sites where you can find several work-from-home writing jobs in the above-mentioned languages. 

1. If you want to write for US-based English, you must submit proof of US citizenship.

2. You may also be required to submit and pass a small writing test to demonstrate great writing skills.

3. Once you pass the test, you can complete the registration process.

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How Much Does Textbroker Pay to Writers?

The platform pays per word, which is common in the content mill industry. However, the rates can vary depending upon several factors, like the nature of the task, freelancer rating, experience, and more. There are primarily three orders: Open Orders, Direct Orders, and Team Orders. 

Open Orders are one of the most common job types on the site, where you can expect the following pay based on rating:

3-star rating: 1.1 cents per word

4-star rating: 1.6 cents per word

5-star rating: 5.5 cents per word

If you can maintain a five-star rating on this online writing site, you can earn decent money for the task you complete. 

Direct orders, however, allow you to set your rates, similar to features available on other freelance platforms. At Textbroker, you can set the minimum per-word price of 2.2 cents for direct orders. 

There is also a third kind of order called Team orders, which opens the doors to earning even more than what you get in open and direct orders. The clients can set the minimum per-word quote for the teamwork that can be as low as 2.15 cents per word. 

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How Does Textbroker Work?

Textbroker invites applications from freelance content writers primarily from the US, allowing them to work on writing projects listed or given by its vast client base. Here is how to register at Textbroker and earn money from this platform.

Fill Out the Application Form

Fill Out the Application Form

To join this online content marketplace, you must register with a small application form. You can click Register for Free and Become An Author, redirecting you to an application page. Once you land on the new page, you will be asked the following:

1. Field of study

2. Any referral source

3. Domain expertise

4. Login credential (set login email and password)

Participate in Open Order

When your application gets approved, you will have a free option to browse through the available Open Orders. Projects that align with your domain expertise and interest, you can select and apply for the same. 

Go Through the Assignment Requirements

Now, you’ve selected the assignment and will be required to go through the details and guidelines to be followed. Ensure you follow every necessary detail to provide the best output to the client. Look at the keyword density, referencing style, and other guidelines carefully. If you think you can write according to the client brief, click the green at the "I Want to Write This Article" button on the screen. Typically, Textbroker orders have around 24 hours of deadlines, which can be less or more depending upon project requirements. 

Textbroker Review 2023: Is It Legit or Scam? [2023]

Write & Submit Article

After selecting the assignment and confirming your interest, it's time to start writing the content according to a client brief. There is an option to start writing directly on the submission box, but it's recommended to use Word Processing Software like Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Once you write, proofread, and are happy with the content, paste it to the submission box and click green on the “preview and submit” icon. You can then select “release text” and submit it to the client. 

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Pros of Textbroker

There are several benefits of working at Textbroker, as follows:

1. Flexible working time

2. Easy-to-use writer interface

3. Legit work-from-home opportunities for US-based writers

Cons of Textbroker

There are certain limitations of working with Textbroker, such as:

1. Long waiting for approval

2. Lower pay rate than the industry standard

3. Asks for personal details for payment

4. One bad client and rating can affect livelihood on this content mill platform.

Alternatives of Textbroker

Don’t keep yourself limited with Textbroker, a make-money-online platform for writers, but also consider some top Textbroker alternatives to maximize your earning potential and diversify the risk. Here are some of the well-established alternatives or reliable side hustle platforms you can consider:

1. Upwork: The platform has over 145.5k active clients in various domains and spends around $5000 a year.

2. Fiverr: One of the best freelance marketplaces for beginners and experienced alike.

3. Flexjobs: This differs slightly from Fiverr and Upwork, but it’s a great platform for those finding remote jobs in their local areas.

4. LinkedIn: Though it's not the freelance marketplace, several agencies around the globe keep hiring freelance content writers for short and long-term projects and pay a handsome amount. 


Textbroker is a legit content mill platform allowing US-based authors and writers with SEO knowledge to find work-from-home opportunities to earn extra cash. If you are good at writing and willing to give a try to a new content marketplace, Textbroker can be a great option. However, I would also recommend being active on freelance job sites like Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, and Freelancer to diversify the risk and enhance your chances of finding a big-ticket and lasting client. 

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