Truelancer Review: Is Truelancer Legit & Worth It For Freelancers?

Hello friends, we welcome you to our new post on Trulancer review answering, "is Truelancer Legit." After reading this article, you will understand all about Truelancer and every question related to it. 

I will introduce you to this freelance marketplace website with more details about the sign-up process, pre-requirements for getting started, and the pros and cons of working on Truelancer. After that, we will talk about ways to get more clients on Truelancer.


So, if you also want to read the review of Truelancer with an honest opinion. It's the post you should be reading and taking advantage of to make your freelancing career more secure.

What Is Truelancer?

The Truelancer is an Indian freelance marketplace developed for skill-holders. On the platform, you can sell your services to others in various fields such as software developers, graphic designers, UI designers, etc. Also, here you can find beginner-friendly to expert level freelance jobs that you can do from your home.

Requirements To Work On

You need to fulfill a few pre-requirements in your skill's domain. But as with any online platform where you need some everyday things to join the platform:

#1. Proper time to work with the clients you get from this freelance marketplace.

#2. Must have at least one skill to sell and earn money from these platforms.

#3. Must have an internet connection with average speed and mobile device.

#4. Must have your own laptop or computer with ideal configuration based on your skills.

The Sign-Up Process On Truelancer

#1. Visit Website

First, you need to go on the official website of Truelancer and choose the option of "sign-up."


#2. Register Yourself

Now, it is time to register yourself for your account using the given option. You can register with your email address in a simple way. If you want, your social media accounts can be used.

#3. Verify Account

When you register with your email or any other given medium, you will receive a verification notification or mail.

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#4. Complete Your Profile

After completing your verification, it is time to fill in your basic details. It is essential to attract your client. You will need to fill in the educational qualification, skills, professional history, daily working schedule, service you want to serve, and any other important term.

#5. Look For Opportunities

Now, you are done with your profile, and you are free to apply for your first project.

How Truelancer Work

#1. Requirement Posts

When you get started with the freelancer, you can see that some clients post requirements for various services. These are the people to whom you have to serve your services.

#2. Apply To Get Opportunities:

Whichever matches your skills, you may choose that post. But keep remembering that you should apply for more than one order.

#3. Get Selected:

From all the applicants, the buyer chooses any one of them whose profile the buyer likes. You also can be selected after applying for a few requirements.

#4. Work On The Project:

After getting selected, your client will give you advance payment and all the details of the projects. Now, you will be working on this project and only under the given time.

#5. Payment After Completion:

After completing your work, if your client is satisfied, he pays you to complete payment. Now you and your buyer are free to go for your following tasks.

#6. Ask For Feedback/Review:

Before leaving your clients, you may ask them to provide you with brief feedback on your completed project and your service.

Tips To Get More Projects And Clients On Truelancer

#1. Keep Applying For Relevant Projects

You should never stop applying for projects and always apply for multiple tasks. Because there are many people in the competition, it makes them less likely to choose the client.

#2. Start With a Low Price.

You should start with less price as clients will be attracted to save their money. But never work at too low a price because it may show buyers that your service's quality is not good enough.

#3. Providing Sample

When you apply for the projects, you must attach a sample. It shows your client how good your work is and increases your choices.

#4. Ask For Reviews/Feedback.

Reviews by other clients are another symbol to show your quality of work. So, you should never be shy to ask for brief feedback from your client.

#5. Complete Profile

When creating your profile, add all details with proper attention and strategy—especially your educational qualifications, experience, and skill set details.

How Much Money Can You Make From Truelancer?

It is dependent on the number of your clients. But basically, you get paid around $4 to $8 per hour you work. Below are some vital factors that can impact your income from Truelancer.

#1. The size of your project you want to work

#2. Numbers of clients you work with.

#3. Your working speed with efficiency

#4. Working hours when you are productive and work on a client's project

#5. Your charges and clients' budget also impact earnings from freelancing

Advantages Of Working On Truelancer

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#1. Wide Range Of Opportunities

On Truelancer, you have a lot of opportunities to work and all from multiple buyers.

#2. One Of The Largest Platforms To Work

Trulancer is one of the largest freelancing platforms where you have a wide range of freelancers, and you have lots of options to choose best.

#3. Multiple Categories To Choose

As a freelancer, you may choose any one field you belong to. There are various types of services you may provide.

#4. Flexible Working Hours

On Truelancer, you set your working hours as you have free time. Because here you work, independently.

#5. No Travel And Its Work From Home

It is an online platform, and you only get work from home jobs here. So, you do need to travel. In this aspect, you save your cost of travel and save your few hours in which you may work extra.

#6. Low Fees/ High Payments

For buyers, hiring freelancers is an excellent option to save their money, as they don't need to pay for any vacation as typically an employee gets from their company. On the other hand, freelancers work less and earn more than any regular job.

#7. Message Service

You can communicate with your client via chat, as Truelancer provides this service on Windows, Android, and browsers, no matter which platform you are using.

Disadvantages Of Working On Truelancer

#1. Service Fees:

I don't like Trulancer because you pay a service fee of around 10% as a freelancer.

#2. Competition:

As this has a huge opportunity, you have a massive amount of competition.

#3. Experienced Vs. Freshers:

It is a little hard to have a first client as a beginner. Because buyers give importance to experienced freelancers.

Is Truelancer Legit?

Many freelancers make good money from this marketplace, and many clients are also offering work for a long time. Hence, this is a legit freelance marketplace that has the potential to provide you with substantial work-from-home job opportunities. But still, many fake clients keep looking for free work and cheat freelancers. Thus, you should stay aware of such people so you can confidently keep working as a top freelancer and make good money.


Truelancer Review: Conclusion

Finally, we discussed many essential things about Truelancer in this Truelancer review. We also discussed tips to attract more clients to build a successful career. Except for that, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of working with Truelancer. Last but not least, Truelancer is one of the legit freelance marketplaces to work as a freelancer. Here, you can find many data entry job opportunities and start making money online. But still, many scammers might contact you and try to cause you a loss. Hence, if you wish to make money online fast from these freelance marketplace, you should try to stay aware and do not believe these clients early on.

You should always charge fees upfront and check the review of the client before they wish to work. Also, whenever your client calls you to contact someone outside of freelancing or ask for money, you should understand it as scams and scammers. I wish you had gotten what you wanted and liked this content. If you want to try other freelance marketplaces, you can read my Freelancer review and Fiverr review. You can even check out another post that I have written on ways to make extra money from home

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