Difference Between Transcriptionist And Captioners

Want to learn what is the difference between transcriptionist and captioner? In this article, you will be able to know a few basic and essential details about both careers, whether it is a captioner or transcriptionist. After all these things, we will evaluate which one is the best career option for you. So, the overall topic is captioner vs. transcriptionist jobs. So, let's understand captioner, transcriptionist, and some fundamental differences.

Difference Between Transcriptionist And Captioner

What Is A Captioner?

The caption is a script, visible at the bottom of the screen while watching videos, movies, or live shows. It is the work of the captioner to listen to all the things whatever is said in the video or live show. We have two types of caption writing that have been mentioned below:

#1. Live show caption

Live captioning or real-time captioning is when you write a caption for the live show, and at the same time, it is shown on the live screen as well. It pays more than caption writing for pre recorded videos or offline captioning.

#2. Pre Recorded show caption

In prerecorded captioning, you ready the captions for already recorded videos. It needs less effort than live show captioning; its pay scale is less than a live captioner's pay scale. Here you watch the video and its audio to create a transcript file that appears on the screen. 

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What Is A Transcriptionist?

Transcribing is just writing whatever is said in videos or audio on a simple document file. It is to write the script based on what you listen to in media files. Transcription writing has two types, as given below. We have created a dedicated article on the best transcription jobs that pays you well, but before you read that, understand the types of transcription. 

#1. Verbatim

This is to transcribe scripted files by adding expressions and sound effects in writing. Like oh, umm, shh, brumm! (Sound for motors) It is mainly used for movies, news, and TV serials.

#2. Clean Read

Clean read transcription is good for unscripted content like interviews and public speaking. Its purpose is to make the videos readable and add the proper flow by editing them. But the information is never edited by the transcriptionist. 

Difference Between Transcriptionist And Captioner

Here are just a few but most crucial difference between transcriptionist and captioner in summarised format: 

#1. Eligibility

Eligibility is one of the most valuable aspects to know as it helps you decide which career can be joined as soon as possible. If you want to become a transcriptionist, you can get certification from any transcriptionist program. But when you are willing to become a transcriptionist for a particular field, you need a bachelor's degree in transcription with relevant specialization. But as in a caption career, you need a specific qualification.

So, it would be best to have a degree in transcription with a specialization in a relevant field to become a captioner. You may gain your knowledge and improve your NCRA-proved certification skills.

#2. Income

Generally, most captioners earn more than an average transcriptionist. A transcriptionist can earn $100-$1500 a month by transcribing audio files into text. At the same time, a captioner can earn $150-$2000 a month by captioning video files. This is just an average of the incomes of the captioner and transcriber, and it can vary based on the experience and typing speed of the professional. 

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#3. Responsibilities

#1. Where captioners use stenotype equipment and captioning systems, transcriptionists never need to do it. Knowledge of using primary documents is enough for transcribing work.

#2. Captions are created to show them on the current video; otherwise, transcriptions are written for current and future use. 

#3. Captioning includes translation that aims to make the audience understand the content—but not transcribing work. It is important to keep user data in document format, and it's done.

#4. Captioners need to work in companies and organizations most of the time, whereas transcriptionists can also freelance. It does not mean that captioning can not be done on a freelance basis.

Benefits Of Transcription

#1. If you want to Keep data for the future, transcribing helps you as it is written in document format. 

#2. Transcribing helps people know the necessary information by reading documents only.

#3. If you have any video with no clear sound, transcribing helps you make it understandable.

#4. Technical Easiness of working is also one of the essential benefits of transcription.

#5. The written format is accessible to be shared with anybody rather than videos. So, it is another benefit of transcription that we have discussed just now.

Benefits Of Caption

#1. By captioning, you improve the User interface of the video you work on. It is the first benefit of caption writing.

#2. As it includes translation, you can make other users able to understand the content. It is best to write a caption in English to reach out to a worldwide audience.

#3. Those who are disabled to hear sounds can read the captions and understand the content morally.

#4. It makes videos understandable in noise by reading captions only. 

Difference Between Transcriptionist And Captioner


So, we have completed our discussion on transcription vs. caption writing. We talked about both careers' basic things and benefits to evaluate which is the batter. In this article, the conclusion about transcription vs. caption writing is that caption is what is shown in played videos, but transcription is available in document format. 

I hope you liked this article and can understand which career is best for you, either transcribing or caption writing. If you have a good grip on an ideal language such as English and have fast typing skills, you can become a transcriptionist or captioner. Because there are many sites like Rev, Scribie, and GMR Transcription where you can earn over $1000 a month. 

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